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Wiggle Room Podcast

Dealing with Stress and Emotions through The Work of Byron Katie

In this weekly podcast, we start with stress and look for ways to turn it around using The Work of Byron Katie. By questioning stressful thoughts, it is often possible to find new ways of seeing a stressful situation. And this new perspective can change the experience completely.

This is what I mean by “wiggle room,” just a little change of view is all I need to experience freedom. Changing the situation itself is nice, but it is not required for my happiness.

Each episode includes the recording from the week’s Open Session as well as my reading of the week’s newsletter article about The Work. Listen to recent episodes on this page, or scroll further down to see all episodes and click through to view resources such as show notes, bonus video clips, and a link to the newsletter for each episode. Here are a few of the most popular podcast apps where the Wiggle Room podcast can be found.

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You can listen to this podcast wherever you like to get your podcasts. If you’re new to podcasts, here’s a review article by PCMagazine on the best podcast apps to use. If you find one that Wiggle Room is not on, let me know and I’ll be happy to add it there too. 


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Click through to see show notes, bonus video clips, and a link to the newsletter for each episode.


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