Open Sessions – Do The Work With Me (Or Ask Your Questions) For Free Every Week

Explore the Wide World of Inquiry Free of Charge

Join us for an open, group session every week via webinar service.

Bring your questions about The Work, or bring a stressful situation to explore with the four questions and turnarounds of The Work. I will be facilitating guest participants in each session (up to 7 people can sign up as a guest participant each week).

The first step to becoming a guest participant is to sign up as an audience member using the scheduling calendar at the bottom of this page. Audience members can only listen, not participate. This can be a great way to become more familiar with The Work of Byron Katie and learn from the insights others have while doing The Work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are sessions?
Sessions are 30 minutes long.

What should I bring as an audience member?
Just bring an open mind as you listen to others doing The Work.

What should I bring as a guest participant?
Bring a completed Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet to the session. I will facilitate volunteers to do The Work.

Do I have to bring a completed Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet?
No. You can just bring a stressful situation, and I will support you to write a worksheet.

Do I have to use the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet format?
No. You can bring any thought you want to question, whether it fits in the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet format or not.

Can I bring questions about The Work?
Yes. If you have any question about The Work, this is a good place to bring it up.

Can I bring work I've started but got stuck on?
Yes. If you've started doing The Work on your own and have gotten stuck somewhere in the process, bring what you've done to the group. We'll see if the group can find anything that you couldn't find on your own.

Will there be a recording available?
Yes. All participants who are subscribed to my Open Sessions list, will receive a download link after the call for the recording. By default, when you sign up for the first time for a session using the calendar below, you will be added to the Open Sessions list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Do I need to complete The Work 101 course in order to participate?
No, Open Sessions are open to everyone. In fact, this is a great way to get familiar with The Work before going deeper with it.

What platform do you use?
I use a service called It allows for 7 people to be guest participants while everyone else listens in the audience.

Why don't you use Zoom?
I used to use Zoom for many years for Open Sessions (and I still use it for all other online meetings), but I use because it allows us to record higher quality audio and video.  I use the recordings in my podcast. The live sessions at are a little less quality (more pixelated) because focuses on making a really good recording at the expense of the live stream quality. If you want a higher quality live video, you can watch the live stream on YouTube at a higher resolution.

Do guest participants and audience members use the same scheduling calendar?
No, Guest participants sign up separately and use a separate scheduling calendar. Only 7 people can sign up as guest participants for each session, but up 1000 people can sign up as audience members.

How do I become a guest participant?
You can become a guest participant by signing a release form agreeing to be recorded with video during the session. The recordings are shared in my podcast, on YouTube, and other places online. Once you sign the release form (covering a 6-month period), you will get the link to the guest participant scheduling calendar and you can schedule guest participant sessions as often as you like during that period. You can sign a new release form every six months.

What are the system requirements for using
You can now access Open Sessions through on three different platforms:

  1. On a computer using only the Chrome or Edge browser
  2. On an Apple device using the iOS app
  3. On an Android device using the Android app

This Is Totally Free-Form

There is no curriculum. Each session will be different. Learn from your peers as we work together. Sometimes, I may even ask a volunteer to facilitate me. This is a meeting of minds as we do The Work together.

Join us for the next session using the online calendar below. This is the audience calendar.

Sessions happen once a week, on different days of the week and at different times, depending on my schedule. See the calendar below for upcoming sessions. Be sure to register for each session you want below so you get the connection info for each call.

Join as a Guest Participant

Join me in sharing The Work with others in these Open Sessions. These sessions are open and free for everyone interested in The Work.  

Please consider signing the release form to become a guest participant, so that others can gain by listening to your work or the questions you ask. Those watching may have the same issues, or the same questions, and when you do The Work or ask your questions in Open Sessions, you allow them to find their answers too. This is a real service to others.

Open Sessions are a place where we all come together as human beings to share and explore as one mind. These sessions are not meant to be polished productions, but rather unscripted, unedited inquiry. I will continue to support everyone who participates with love and understanding. Your courage in participating means a lot to me.

Please sign up to become a guest participant here.

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