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Wiggle Room Podcast: Episode 9

I Don’t Know How To Help Him + Inner Peace Doesn’t Depend On Peace In The World

I Don’t Know How To Help Him

In this episode of the Wiggle Room Podcast, you’ll hear a man spending about 10 minutes thinking aloud about how to do The Work on his dog’s sickness. Once he lands on a specific situation and a specific thought to question, he goes through the four questions and turnarounds of The Work of Byron Katie.

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0:00 — Intro
2:15 — Identifying the Stressful Thought to Work: concern about a dog’s sickness
13:19 — Inquiry: “I don’t know how to help him.”
31:10 — Newsletter: “Inner Peace Doesn’t Depend on Peace in the World”
40:16 — Outro

Open Session Recording

The dialogue in the first part of this episode is taken from one of my weekly Open Sessions. You can be a participant in Open Sessions each week to do The Work with me or ask your questions. This is an unedited recording so you can experience the organic process of identifying a thought to question using The Work of Byron Katie.

Newsletter Article

In the second part of the recording, you’ll hear me reading the newsletter article, Inner Peace Doesn’t Depend on Peace in the World. Is war and injustice in the world holding your peace hostage? Look for a little wiggle room with me.

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Bonus Videos

If you prefer video, you can watch the following sections of the podcast in HD video.

Become Fluent in The Work of Byron Katie

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