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Wiggle Room Podcast: Episode 14

Interview with Michele Dutton + It's My Responsibility To Teach My Kids To Be More Respectful

It's My Responsibility To Teach My Kids To Be More Respectful

This is a special episode of the Wiggle Room Podcast. In this episode, Michele Dutton interviews me for her podcast, My Life Is a Total Shift Show, and has allowed me to publish the full interview here as well.

I think you will find that she is funny and down-to-earth, a mother who talks openly about the issues she faces being a parent. She also participated in The Work 101 course that I offer. She brings her experience and questions about doing The Work.

In the last part of the interview, Michele does The Work with me, questioning a stressful thought when her son spills green juice all over her computer.

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0:00 — Intro
4:00 — Who is Todd Smith, What is The Work and How Did You Get Involved?
8:07 — What Can You Expect When You’re Done With A Worksheet?
11:30 — How To Deal With The Mountains of Thoughts I Need To Do The Work On?
14:31 — Living While You’re Fixing?
18:13 — I’m Ready To Do The Work But Literally, Nothing Comes To Mind, Is It A Fear Of Going Deeper?
23:59 — How To Get Into That Moment?
30:03 — Can you do The Work while having kids?
38:12 — Do You React Based On What You See?
49:50 — It’s My Responsibility To Teach My Kids To Be More Respectful
1:09:23 — Outro

Bonus Videos

If you prefer video, you can watch the following sections of the podcast in HD video.

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