The solution to any problem lies in either changing the situation or changing how you view the situation or both. At The Work as Meditation, we focus on changing how to view a situation by doing The Work of Byron Katie. Here are three ways to do The Work with us.

Option 1: Group Practice

This is the core of what I offer. It is often said that if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go in a group. I have an ongoing practice group for doing The Work called Inquiry Circle that has been meeting online every day since 2013. Join us and start turning stressful emotions into catalysts for growth.

Many people find that this group keeps their practice of The Work alive and dynamic. And it can be done from anywhere online. This is where I do my work every day and I’d love to have you be a part of this special group. 

I also host my community-based courses such as The Work 101 and The Work 102 here so you can be a temporary part of the group during your course. The prerequisite to be an ongoing member is to complete The Work 101 course.

Virtual retreats are another form of group practice offered over a weekend. Join us from anywhere in the world on Zoom for fellowship and community as we support each other to work through stress. No experience is necessary to join.

Option 2: Private Sessions

Choose this option if you want one-on-one personal support from me for doing The Work. You don’t need to even understand what The Work is to take advantage of private sessions. I will guide you through the process and support you in every way as you go through it.

Option 3: Do It Yourself

The best part about The Work is that it is a do-it-yourself process. To support you in gaining confidence in doing it on your own, and to support you in going into specific issues, I’ve created do-it-yourself courses to give you everything you need.