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The solution to any problem lies in either changing the situation or changing how you view the situation, or both. At The Work as Meditation, we focus on changing how to view a situation by doing a process called The Work of Byron Katie. 

Three Ways to Stop Suffering and Engage with Todd

Which solution is the best for reducing your stress?

Option 1: Group Practice

This is the most popular way to work with me. Years ago, when I wanted an online support group for doing The Work every day in written form, there wasn’t one. So I created it. 

It continues to be a completely unique option in the world today. I have been doing my work there every day since 2013 and I read and comment on what others write.

Why written work? I wanted to do The Work with others any time of day or night without scheduling and I wanted to it to be an efficient use of my time but I didn’t want to be alone. Our group is the perfect blend of efficiency and human connection.

It can be hard to do your inner work alone. I think you’ll have more fun and get more done with us. Our current group size is 42. Learn more about our community called Inquiry Circle here. 

By the way, we have options for spoken work (drop-in sessions) now too.

Temporary Membership

I also host my community-based courses, The Work 101 and The Work 102, completely within my online forum community for an amazing level of group support. You will be a full member of our community during your course. This is a great way to taste the power of this approach before joining as an ongoing member.

Virtual retreats are yet another temporary way to experience our community. We get together every season for a weekend online— for a spoken work retreat. Join us from anywhere in the world on Zoom for a deep dive with our community as we support each other to work through our stress. 

One special uniqueness about virtual retreats is that the sessions are held around the clock during the retreat weekend (day and night) so you can drop in anytime no matter what your time zone.

Option 2: Private Sessions

If you can afford it and you want the biggest bang for your buck, private sessions with me give you one-on-one personal support for doing The Work. Availability is limited.

You don’t need to even understand what The Work is to take advantage of private sessions. I will guide you through the process and support you in every way as you go through it. This can be a powerful way to accelerate your learning and your stress reduction.

You will also get to experience my special form of compassion and kindness as you work through your stuff with me.

Option 3: Do It Yourself

If you just want to try out The Work, I also offer do-it-yourself courses for less cost. With these, you are in complete control of your learning and you will have lifetime access. 

If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, I hold nothing back in these courses. They will support you in gaining confidence in doing The Work on your own, and in going deeper into specific issues.

Not Sure What Solution Is Best For You?

If you have questions or just want to bounce ideas off of me, please contact me to get in touch. I’ll be happy to support you in finding the best solution that’s a match for your specific needs.