The Work

Welcome to an amazing way to deal with stress: The Work of Byron Katie (4 questions and turnarounds). This simple process of identifying a stressful thought and questioning it can open surprising new ways of seeing the same stressful situation.

Learn what this process is, how to do it, and begin the journey of a lifetime in self-inquiry. I offer you an abundance of articles, videos, podcast recordings, and courses to start, or deepen, your practice of The Work of Byron Katie. 

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What Is The Work of Byron Katie?

These articles give you a conceptual idea of what The Work actually is. Understanding it can help give confidence for doing it.

How to do The Work of Byron Katie?

How to Make The Work of Byron Katie An Ongoing Practice?

One of the main things I offer here is support for making The Work a practice. A practice is something that you do on a daily basis, and that’s when The Work gets exciting and the benefits start to accumulate. Here are some articles to get you started.

Advanced Topics

These articles focus on topics worth exploring after you have mastered the basics.

Family Issues

These articles focus on stressful situations that can come up within families. I share my experience doing The Work on these issues.