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Problems You Face

Have you noticed that everything feels like a problem when you’re feeling low? And when you’re feeling good, nothing seems to be problematic at all? This points to the subjective nature of experience. The good news is that problems can literally be removed by changing how you see them. The stressors don’t necessarily change, but they are no longer seen as problems.

What Closes Our Hearts

Here are some situations that can shut down anyone’s heart. Are you dealing with any of these?

  • Arguments with friends and lovers
  • Failure
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Money troubles
  • Rejection
  • Loneliness
  • Bullying
  • Overwhelm
  • Being treated unequally
  • Trying to prove yourself
  • Health problems
  • Not enough time

These are just a few of the things that can cause stress. But there can be a way to experience these same situations without stress. That’s what this website is all about.

Symptoms of Stress

Stress shows up in different ways in each of us but a primary symptom of stress is emotion. Are you experiencing any of these emotions?

  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Jealousy
  • Shame
  • Hate

These and other stressful emotions can be experienced in different degrees of intensity. If you experience even a little negative emotion in a situation, it tells you one thing: your heart is not as open as it could be at that moment.

Emotions are the alarm clock to let you know there’s something inside holding you back from living a loving, fearless life. It’s a little wake-up call.

How Open Do You Want Your Heart To Be?

There is a systematic way to move from closed to open. That’s what The Work as Meditation is all about. Once you know what to do with stressful situations, you can look forward to the learning and new perspectives that can come from working through them. The only thing needed is a tool to work through stress.