Inquiry Circle – Ongoing Practice Group


One of the Best Supports for Ongoing Practice Is a Group

A group is like a magnet.

Once I join a group I feel a doubly strong pull to do my work.

I have the pull from The Work itself—my own motivation to find peace. But I also have an additional pull from the group itself. I want to move with the group. And I want to learn from what others are working too.

Because I’m motivated to keep coming back to the group, I end up doing my work consistently over time. And for me, consistency is what makes The Work come alive. Not only does the practice deepen over time but with ongoing practice I have time to question many, many facets of my thinking.

It’s never overwhelming this way. I put less pressure on myself as I work. I just keep showing up, and my work keeps getting done. Occasionally I look back and notice that issues that used to be big for me no longer bother me. That’s the power of steady practice for me.

Welcome to the Most Valuable Service that I Offer

If you really want to do The Work, this ongoing practice group called “Inquiry Circle,” is where you can do it day after day, month after month, year after year.

Inside the Inquiry Circle forum, you will be a part of a group of people that are doing The Work together in written form and spoken form. It is open 24/7 for you to do your work and read what others are doing.

It’s also a place where you can ask a question about The Work any time of day or night. This is where I do my work, and I read and comment on the work that others are doing.

I Have Recently Simplified Inquiry Circle

Now there are only four subforums:

1. The Work Forum – where we all do The Work using templates provided.
2. Questions About The Work – where you can ask your questions and deepen your understanding
3. The Lounge – where all announcements, partner pairings, and other sharing is posted
4. Private Areas – in case you want to do The Work privately (alone or with another person)


The prerequisite for joining Inquiry Circle is completion of The Work 101 online course that I offer, no matter how much experience you have. The Work 101 is the starting point for everyone joining Inquiry Circle.

You must also complete a one-month training program called the Inquiry Circle Prep Course. This will help you move from a classroom-held practice of The Work to a solid, independent practice. It will also get you up to speed with how Inquiry Circle works so you can get the most out of this ongoing practice group.

Membership Fees

Dues are paid annually with a recurring credit card subscription: CAD $380/year (approx. $293 USD, €253 EUR, $411 AUD)

Scholarships are available for those who want to participate but are unable due to financial reasons. Please contact me if you would like to apply for a scholarship.

This Is Where I Do my Work

I have been doing my work here in Inquiry Circle since 2012. It has been a constant support for me to keep showing up day after day to do my work. As a participant, you are also welcome to read what I am working on, and you can ask for support from me or others in Inquiry Circle at any time.

This is not only a great place to practice The Work, but to be in a community of others who are practicing The Work as well.


All members participate in a “confidentiality handshake” and agree not to share anything that they learn about the other person outside of Inquiry Circle. Everyone who participates is here to do their own work. I think you will find it to be a very supportive place to do inquiry.

All of your posts are deleted when you leave Inquiry Circle. You may also request that your posts be deleted periodically.

It’s Not a Fit for me Guarantee

If you’re interested in doing The Work on an ongoing basis, I encourage you to give Inquiry Circle a try. If it’s not a fit for you, you can discontinue at any time. And if you are dissatisfied in any way, just ask me for your money back and I’ll be happy to give it to you. Free to try it out with no risk at all.

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