The Work 101 with Todd


The Work of Byron Katie is a tool for gaining more self-awareness. And, like any tool, it takes a little training to learn how to use it.

This Course Is Not Just For Beginners

Yes, this is a basic course. It starts from the very beginning. But it is not just for beginners, because we are all always beginners in The Work. No matter how many times I do The Work, I am a newbie when I start answering the questions.

And this course is not just about learning The Work, it is also about making The Work a regular practice. After six weeks of doing The Work in a very supported environment, you may find it easier to keep doing The Work once this momentum has been generated.

That is why this course is the starting point for joining Inquiry Circle, my ongoing practice group. In this course, you will begin culturing the habit of a daily practice of The Work.

The Power of The Work Lies in Its Simplicity

In this course, we will review the basic elements of doing The Work:

  • How to identify stressful thoughts to question with The Work
  • The four questions of The Work and their purpose
  • The turnarounds and examples of the turnarounds and how to find them

You will get a chance to do The Work, and experience this process first hand, and to ask questions as you go.

This Is A Live Online Course

We meet meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for six weeks (plus one week of orientation) on a password-protected online forum. I record special videos for the course and share written material for your review each day. And I post assignments for you do in writing on the forum each day. I, and my team of co-trainers, also read all of your homework and give feedback on each assignment you do.

Plan to spend about an hour each day (four days a week) on the forum. Some people need an hour and a half or more each day to absorb the learning materials and to do The Work meditatively. You will also meet with a partner for about an hour each week. The total time is approximately 5 hours/week for six weeks, which is a total of 30 hours of practice time.

In addition, there is an orientation week the week before the course begins. This allows you to become familiar with the forum and the structure of the course, as well as to get to know each other, before we begin.

WARNING: If you do not have the time to dedicate to this course, please do not sign up. This course is not for everyone. It is a tough course. There is a steep learning curve: learning the technology of the forum and learning The Work itself. Please be prepared to work hard for about an hour every day, four days per week, sometimes longer if you need it.

Also, you will need to schedule a partner pairing session each week with people around the globe in different time zones. This takes some time and planning, so be prepared.

This Course Is a Prerequisite for Other Programs

Full attendance and completion of all homework is required to get credit for taking the course. This course is required before you can participate in Inquiry Circle, the ongoing practice group.

Here’s an Overview of What Will Be Covered During The Course

  • What is The Work?
  • How to identify stressful situations to work
  • How to fill in a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet in a specific situation
  • How to facilitate someone using the four questions and turnarounds
  • The difference between questions 1 and 2
  • The difference between questions 3 and 4
  • The sub-questions for question 3.
  • The overall purpose of the four questions
  • How to find the turnarounds (self, other, opposite, and other turnarounds
  • How to find living turnarounds
  • How to turnaround line 6 on the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet
  • What are underlying beliefs and how to work them
  • Ways to look for turnaround examples
  • How to experience The Work as meditation
  • how to make The Work an ongoing practice

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you decide to offer this course?
I offer an ongoing program for doing The Work called Inquiry Circle. I wanted to create a course that would give all the basics of doing The Work for new people, as well as give some extra depth to those who are experienced in The Work. The Work 101 is a way for us all to start on the same page.

How is this different from Byron Katie’s School for The Work?
The School for The Work, a nine-day in-residence workshop with Byron Katie, is the best way to gain in-depth training in The Work of Bryon Katie. And once you have completed The School, you can participate in the Institute for The Work’s ongoing training program to become a certified facilitator of The Work. The Work 101 is a tiny overview course of The Work. It will allow you to be a little bit more familiar with The Work before or after you go to The School.

How often will this course run?
Depending on demand and my availability, this course usually runs every two to four months or so.

Can I get ITW credit for the course?

Can I use an iPad or iPhone for the forum?
No. A key feature of the forum does not work on the iPad or iPhone, or other touch devices. I recommend that you use a computer for forum homework, not an iPad. You can work around this limitation, but it will be MUCH easier if you use a computer.

Will the course fit with my schedule?
Yes. The whole course takes place on an online forum which is open 24 hours a day seven days a week. I will post videos and written material on the forum as well as assignments for you to complete four times each week. You can complete these assignments at any time of day or night. Once a week, you will need to schedule a partner session with another participant for one hour. This can be arranged at a time that is convenient for both of you. In other words, you can still work a full-time job and take this course. You just need to budget 4-5 hours per week for it.

Can I take a vacation in the middle of the course?
You can do anything you want, but my experience is that 100% of people who take a vacation for a week at any point during the course, don’t finish it. There is a momentum to the course and if you lose it it can be hard to pick up again. I suggest waiting to do this course until you have no vacations planned. This course is a six-week commitment.

What’s the best thing about doing The Work online?
Participants often report that the anonymity gives them complete freedom to be honest. We use first names only or pseudonyms, and your email is protected. Partner meetings are on Zoom which does not require exchanging contact info. Any contact info that you exchange is up to you. We also use a profile photo (avatar). Most people upload a headshot photo, but some choose to upload drawing instead. We also agree to a confidentiality handshake. The respect for privacy among those who participate is very high. We are all here for one reason, to do The Work. I think you will find it a very safe environment for doing your personal work.

Is it possible that this course is not for me?
Yes, this course is not for everyone. If you’re not self-motivated to keep up with the work over the weeks, then it’s not for you. If you are handicapped with computer technology, this course is not for you (unless you’re really motivated to learn). If you prefer in-person events, this course is not for you. If any of these are the case for you, I encourage you to go to Byron Katie’s events, or attend events with other certified facilitators around the globe.

No Risk to Try It

If you are not satisfied with the course, you can get your money back. If you have even a little interest in learning The Work or starting a practice of it, I encourage you to give it a try. If you cannot afford the course fee, please contact me about a possible scholarship or payment plan.


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 43 reviews
by Jyoti on The Work 101
Are you looking to dive deep into The Work?

Do The Work Of Byron Katie.
Do The Work With Todd Smith.
Do The Work Of Byron Katie With Todd Smith!

by Tanja on The Work 101
The Work 101

I can only recommend this course to all who are interested in TW/or/and in becoming more conscious of the dark angles of one's mind. Although I knew about TW from books before, only 101 brought real understanding of what TW is IN PRACTICE. Brilliant explanations and warm support throughout the process which sometimes can be psychologically hard to digest made the course 101 a pleasant and safe adventure.

by William on The Work 101
Well recommended

This course was a great way for me to get clear about actually how to do The Work, properly. Todd explains the technicals of The Work and how to make sure you're doing it properly in a technical way, for example making the turnarounds correctly.
But, the best knowledge I got was starting to learn how to be clear about doing The Work, without motives and trying to use it to manipulate or change myself. I also got a lot more confident in my ability to do The Work, which I hadn't been able to trust myself with before.

There are so many nuances of The Work that get covered in the course and it gives such a clear and solid look at what The Work is and how to do it. What takes it to the next level is Todd's presence and involvement, giving comments on your work and answering questions.

This course is absolutely wonderful if you notice that you're having difficulties with certain parts of The Work, etc. Maybe even getting motivated to do it? It gets the momentum going and you get a place to build a strong ground to continue doing it yourself.

by Kathleen on The Work 101
Such a good teacher !

I have been doing the Work in fits and starts over the last 10years. Whenever I did it I experienced such a sense of clarity and joyfulness that I knew the Work would be an invaluable tool in my life.

With The Work 101 Todd has created a vehicle that enhanced my understandIng and appreciation of the Work. His understanding of the Work through personal experience is clear for all to see. He is willing to share his experience and in that sharing he shines a light on the Work in a way that clarifies it beautifully for me. The Work 101 deconstructs the steps of The Work of Byron Katie making it easily digestible and relevant. I felt supported at each and every step. Because one needs to do work every day on the course it sets up a natural pattern of enquiry which will stay a part of my daily practice truly is meditation.

The platform of the Work 101 is easy to navigate and, if anything is unclear, it is easy to go back to review the process. Todd is always available and responsive to the participants so I felt he was right alongside me as I did the Work.
I enjoyed meeting others who were on the course and reading their worksheets and responses. It is always humbling and I learned from their sharing and helpful responses to each other and to me....a great community that I will miss.

by Liz Okrent on The Work 101
Highly recommend

I appreciate Todd's compassion, patience, clarity, precision and detailed thoughtful responses to our questions. He has expertise in documenting and teaching the processes of The Work. The curriculum is thorough and includes video instruction as well as a pdf documents. All of the technical documents can be printed and kept for reference. I've been doing The Work for a few years and had not previously learned the technical aspects of The Work. After this course I feel more confident about facilitating. Todd's course is a great value.

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