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Next Virtual Retreat – Jan 8-9, 2022

Sign up using the calendar at the bottom of the page for three days of self-inquiry.

I will be available for a total of 20 hours (7 AM – 9 PM each day) over two days. Sessions are available that will work in almost every time zone. Check out the scheduling calendar below to sign up.

Put Everything Aside for a Couple of Days to Focus on The Work

Virtual retreats give you a chance to go deeply into one issue, and to be held with compassion and understanding as you work your way through the stressful thoughts that hold you back.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by certain stresses even when you do The Work on them? You may want a longer, more uninterrupted time in inquiry—and the support of a facilitator—to address what is coming up from inside.

I’m Available All Day

During virtual retreats, I will be available all day to do The Work. The schedule starts at 7 AM and ends at 9 PM Pacific Time, alternating 2-hour sessions with 1 hour breaks.

This allows for different time zones around the world to participate. You don’t need to participate in all of the sessions, just pick as many as you wish to join. I will be there for all of them.

A retreat is an intensive way to gain momentum working though a stressful issue. Each session offers the opportunity to go a little deeper. If you are new to The Work, this is also a great way to learn how to do The Work quickly.


We will do a combination of group work and partner work. For group work, I will lead us in a variety of activities including facilitating participants one at a time with the whole group, doing popcorn inquiry, answering questions, brainstorming for stressful thoughts to question, sharing experiences, and sharing ideas of how to do The Work.

For partner work, we will use the breakout rooms in Zoom to pair up to do The Work. I will include myself in the partnering, and I will be available to support anyone who needs assistance during the breakout sessions.

At the beginning of each session, I will give everyone the option to join the group session or begin partner work right away. Those who already have experience doing The Work have the option to get in two hours of partner work per session, while the rest of us will do a combination of group work and partner work each session. You can choose your preference each time. You can also ask for a breakout room just for doing written work.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost for a 2-day retreat is $300 Canadian (approx. $234 USD, €207 EUR, £176 GBP, $331 AUD).

Once you sign up for sessions using the calendar below, you will receive a payment link by email.

Scholarships are available for virtual retreats. Please contact me if you need a scholarship application. Completed scholarship applications must be returned to me before 5:00 PM Pacific Time on Thursday, Dec 30, 2021 to be considered (see the cutoff time in your time zone here).

Time Table

The schedule is designed to allow people from all time zones around the world to participate. Please check the online calendar below to find when sessions are available in your time zone.

The times each day are:
7:00 – 9:00 AM – (Pacific Time, Vancouver)
10:00 AM – 12:00 noon – (Pacific Time, Vancouver)
1:00 – 3:00 PM Pacific – (Pacific Time, Vancouver)
4:00 – 6:00 PM Pacific – (Pacific Time, Vancouver)
7:00 – 9:00 PM Pacific – (Pacific Time, Vancouver)


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Virtual Retreats
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 11 reviews
 by Tania
You are not sure about joining the Retreat. Is it true?

Minha experiência anterior ao Retiro era mínima e limitava-se à participação em algumas das sessões abertas promovidas pelo Todd Smith. Havia visto vários conteúdos sobre THE WORK e não duvidava do poder dessa ferramenta mas, no que diz respeito à prática, acabava sempre por esbarrar em algum entrave. Frequentemente, eu caia na armadilha de responder “não” à primeira pergunta (“Isso é verdade?”) sem meditar propriamente nas questões, o que me levava a não seguir adiante e examinar o meu incômodo incial. Também não conseguia explorar com facilidade o formulário “Julgue Seu Próximo” e gerar afirmações válidas para o trabalho. Outra dificuldade era questionar situações mais cotidianas: eu costumava “guardar” o THE WORK para momentos mais difíceis (na minha avaliação), desperdiçando seu potencial.
O Retiro me permitiu aprender fazendo. O Retiro me trouxe tempo para examinar várias questões difíceis e entrar em contato com as minhas emoções, sem desculpas. Trouxe-me também um ambiente seguro e acolhedor para a prática do trabalho, com outras pessoas igualmente comprometidas com os seus processos de transformação. Trouxe-me respostas para clarificar e desmistificar a ferramenta – Todd Smith é um excelente facilitador, competente, disponível, atencioso e apaixonado pelo The Work (e isso é contagiante!). Toda a experiência foi válida e transformadora.
Já na primeira semana após participar do Retiro, consegui observar algumas mudanças na minha forma de ver o mundo e reagir às situações difíceis (sim, continuam a existir, mas vamos aprendendo a lidar com elas de uma outra maneira). Também consegui utilizar a ferramenta com mais fluidez, familiaridade e eficácia. Meu objetivo é fazer dessa prática meditativa um hábito e, nesse sentido, o Retiro é, sem dúvida, um primeiro passo na direção certa.

 by Jayna
Powerful retreat

Todd has the wisdom and great patience to work with everyone who wants to find the truth in difficult and stressful situations. I was in awe of Todd’s sensitivity and gentleness to lead us to find our own truth in our stories . I recommend everyone who’s tired of suffering and not finding any answers to do the work of inquiry, and to take the retreat!

 by Sophie
Wonderful retreat

I love Todd's way to organize his retreats. There is guidance, answers to any questions about the work, interesting discussions and so many opportunities to practice the work. It's very flexible and extremely friendly. No pressure ever and still we do work and find really great insights that I carry with me later.

 by Becky Blanton
3 Lies Your Mind Tells You

The three lies your mind tells you are:

What you see is the truth.
What you believe is real.
Nothing you know to be true can be disproven.

This past weekend was my first exposure to THE WORK and it was powerful. I learned that what I thought was true, might not be. I learned that what I believed was true wasn't necessarily the truth. And I learned that anything I now "know to be true, believe to be true, think is etched in stone," isn't.

If you haven't tried it, do. Set aside your doubts, take the plunge. It's four questions and a little contemplation, a little feeling your feelings, and a lot of changing the stress in your life. Todd is an excellent facilitator, and the people attending were incredible and from all stages of doing the work. It will change your life if you let it.

 by don schreffler
massively powerful, super affordable

I am so very pleased with my results from the intensive. I had no desire to be on yet ONE MORE zoom call, I do it all day in my work. However, the intimacy, the healing, the transformations that I watched, and experienced, were truly nothing short of amazing

Also, I have been meditating for a while, and was not unfamiliar with the various technigues of dealing with troubling thoughts and the suffering that comes with them. So, I was truly moved when I realized that this was sort of a connector for me, it gave me the in-real-time ability to manifest what I knew from meditation - My thoughts, when I am fused/fixated on/with them create suffering. Learning to engage and de-fang my negative and problematic self-referential thinking, again, in REAL TIME, is a meditative action, a calm respite in a sea of emotion and intensity. I never thought I would be able to get to that. It is not perfect for me, I do still struggle some and have dipped back into old habits now and again (that's why we call them habits, right). But, overall, the money and time invested here will pay dividends for a lifetime.

I decided to continue doing the work and will be in the next session, probably like 3 or 4 months, starting end of january......could not reasonably ask for me.

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Who These Retreats Are Designed For

These virtual retreats are especially suited for the following situations:

  • If you just want uninterrupted time doing The Work.
  • If you have trouble doing The Work on a regular basis and need an intensive dive into The Work.
  • If you have a bigger issue that needs uninterrupted focus for a few days.
  • If your mind tends to wander and you need extra support from a facilitator to hold you in The Work to slowly unpeel the layers.
  • If you are new to The Work and want to learn how to do it in a short amount of time (compared to taking The Work 101).
  • If you prefer learning by doing rather than a more systematic approach.
  • If you want a jump start with The Work again.
  • If you just want to hang out with me and others for a few days doing The Work together.

Who These Retreats Are Not Designed For

  • If you don’t really enjoy doing The Work (that’s all we will be doing).
  • If you are too easily distracted at home (you don’t have a quiet place where you can meet morning, afternoon, and evening).
  • If you are trying to balance too many responsibilities and can’t take enough time off for the retreat days.
  • If you are too tired (maybe just getting some rest would be more productive).
  • If you are looking for a teacher or coach. I am neither. I only facilitate you in The Work, giving you space to find your own wisdom.
  • If the times don’t work in your time zone.

Virtual Retreat Jan 8-9, 2022

Please sign up by choosing all of the sessions you wish to participate in on my calendar below. The price includes all sessions on both days.

Once you sign up, I will send you a link to make your payment of $300 CAD.

Please Choose All Sessions You Wish to Participate in for Jan 8-9, 2022

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