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Private Sessions

Add Ongoing Depth To Your Practice

There are many ways to do The Work. This premium option of one-on-one facilitation allows you to work deeply with me for 1-4 hours each month on an ongoing basis.

Some of my clients have been working with me for over 10 years. There is something special that happens with this kind of ongoing practice together. Long-term clients report deep confidence in their ability to work through any issue they face.  

I only offer this to a few of my clients. Currently, I have two hours per month available. There is a six-month minimum commitment. The cost is $225/hour billed as a monthly subscription.

Book a free 15-minute discovery call to talk with me about the possibility of working together.

Client Reviews

Well worth my time and investment

September 11, 2022

It amazes me seeing the deep positive impact that is created when doing The Work with Todd. I appreciate that he didn’t jump right in with doing my turnarounds for me (even though I thought that’s what I wanted) and instead giving me the space and encouragement to do it on my own. I felt safe and supported and could really dive deeply being facilitated by Todd. I’m looking forward to many more session with him.

Susan Frick

Radical new ways of seeing, with Todd

November 17, 2020

I’ve had the great fortune of receiving Todd’s facilitation on several occasions and he is a wonderful combination of loving and revolutionary. Or more accurately, he has a brilliant way of helping me start my own inner revolution, one stressful topic at a time. If you’re looking for someone who can simultaneously love you and challenge you, you may just have found your person in Todd. Go for it!

Matthew Cooksey

Private sessions

November 12, 2020

Working with Todd is a great experience. He’s right there with you and yet doesn’t interrupt your process in any way. I laughed a lot with him. He is a true professional and authentic at the same time. It is obvious that he does his own work and loves working with others.

Have some fun, do The Work with Todd!


Relaxed but present

November 11, 2020

I had good insights in both my private sessions. I felt held and was able to go deep without feeling pressured. Would like to do some more in the future. I was getting a little dogmatic in some ways round the work and Todd’s approach helped me let go of that.


Trust is Key

November 10, 2020

After participating in a few of Todd’s Open Sessions, I was dealing with an issue that I had done The Work on over and over for years. Finally, I realized I needed someone to facilitate me. Todd is the only one (besides Byron Katie herself) that I trust completely and can allow myself to really dive deeply into my mind. His demeanor, patience, intuitive abilities, and his authenticity are unmatched. I now schedule regular sessions with him. Amazing!

Wende Wylie