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Wiggle Room Podcast: Episode 34

Interview With Eyal Ravid

Does The Work Actually Solve Problems
In this episode of the Wiggle Room Podcast, Eyal Ravid from Israel interviews me about The Work of Byron Katie (4 Questions and Turnarounds). Eyal is an enthusiastic practitioner of The Work with a lot of experience doing this form of meditation. His questions are intelligent, down-to-earth, and enjoyable to consider. Join us as we discuss the finer points of the practice of The Work.
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0:39 — Intro
2:23 — Question: Should You Answer Question 1 and 2 Quickly?
6:33 — Question: Is The Work An Excuse Not to Act?
11:18 — Question: Does The Work Actually Solve Problems?
16:38 — Question: Is a Root Belief (more general belief) More Powerful?
24:17 — Question: Do People Use The Work to Run Away From Their Problems?
29:20 — Question: Should I Question The Same Thought to Get More Freedom?
33:00 — Question: Is Finding Balance “The Goal” of The Work?
35:00 — Question: Is There a Tendency to Be Hard on Ourselves When Doing The Work?
42:34 — Question: Does “The Real Truth” Has to Feel Good When Doing The Work?
47:14 — Question: Is The Work Helpful at All?
53:15 — Question: Why Todd Does Another Form of Meditation?
58:47 — Outro

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Learn The Work of Byron Katie

If you enjoy listening and thinking about  The Work of Byron Katie, you may want to explore it further. For this, I recommend  The Work 101, my in-depth, online course for learning and deepening your practice of The Work.
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