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Melanie, Vancouver

I Don’t Have Time to Read Many Newsletters I often subscribe to newsletters just to get certain information, but have to delete a lot of irrelevant ones to get the good stuff. Other email newsletters are too long, so I save them to read later. But I don’t get around to it. I am reluctant to sign up for more newsletters because they just pile up in my email. I initially subscribed because… Read more here.

Rick, Ontario

I Wouldn’t Recommend Your Newsletter to Just Anyone Most people just aren’t interested. They’re more interested in… whatever. Intentional introspection is generally not on a lot of people’s life menu. But anyone in my life who has expressed any moderate amount of desire for introspection, I would recommend the newsletter to, and of course the technique, and Byron Katie’s website, and her book, and everything. Read more here.

Sonja, Germany

Sometimes It Seems Difficult to Cancel Newsletters And that leaves me no option other than to mark them as spam. I have no experience with canceling yours. Don’t intend to either. I love the way you write. Never tedious to read and for some reason the topics you address always seem to fit so perfectly in my life and present situation. I also find the length of the newsletters perfect, the little portions you divide them in, the question format, and the intervals you send them. Read more.


Borbala, Australia

I Try to Keep My Information Diet to a Minimum

Annie, Illinois

I Really Wanted to Do The Work More Frequently but I Didn’t Think I Had Time I was really really interested in ideas about how to do The Work more daily–more often. So I was eager, and hungry for the info. The newsletter is something I look forward to every week. When I see it in my inbox I get excited. And almost every time it’s been a topic that’s hit the nail on the head for me with things I’m thinking about as I do The Work, or things that I’m running up against. Read more.

Heidi, Alberta, Canada

I Like Things to Be Clear and Obvious Right Away The thing that makes me not want to sign up for a newsletter, or cancel one, is when it’s too visually cluttered. I find that on my computer there is just so much to look at and process, at any given moment. I need to be able to see what it’s about, and how it applies to me, and what it’s value is immediately. If there are lots of little side bars or advertisements or pop-ups, it’s very distracting and unappealing. One of the appealing things about this newsletter is that the moment it shows up in my inbox the subject makes it very clear what the newsletter is about. Read more.


Kathryn, Facilitator of The Work, Utah

The Consideration When Signing Up for a New Newsletter Is Information Overload I’m involved in lots of various groups and environmental actions. When I sign up with one group, it seems many more contact me. It quickly gets to be overwhelming and my inbox is filled to the brim with ads and invitations and petitions leaving me wary of joining more. What I experience and appreciate in The Work as Meditation newsletters that I’ve received is Todd’s tone, which is really open and gentle and humble but generous at the same time Read more.


Christel, England

I Was Doing The Work But I Was Not Doing It Properly I was doing The Work… badly. It had somehow ceased being on paper, and I was breezing along to the turnarounds. “It it true?” was always a “No.” “How do you react?” was just “Upset.” “Who would you be without the thought?” “Fine,” followed by a quick whizz through a turnaround or two. It did help, even though it was a bit brief. Then I happened to see Todd’s newsletter. Read more.


Carol, California

I Get Hundreds of Emails Per Day I had the same hesitation to sign up for The Work as Meditation newsletter. I was afraid I wouldn’t take the time to read it, even though I really wanted to. But I find that I always take the time to read it. It’s a treat. It doesn’t claim my attention, it gives me more attention. It gives me more space in my day because I finish reading the newsletter with a sense of less attachment to how I think things are. I feel refreshed and expanded by the newsletters. Read more.


Amy, Miami

Am I Going to Get Spam? Is Todd Going to Sell my Email? I was already on Todd’s photography email, so I had experience with Todd’s newsletters. Thoughts like, “Am I going to get spam? Is Todd going to sell my email?” didn’t occur to me. I knew Todd wouldn’t anyway so there wasn’t really a barrier to getting The Work as Meditation newsletter. Read more.


Ari, Israel

A Lot of Personal Development That I Follow is “Grandiose” or “Transform Your Life” or “Make a Million Dollars,” Etc. I just love Todd’s whole approach. It is personal. It is honest. That is what I love – it is honest. It is just honest. What I love about Todd’s newsletter is it is so specific and it’s so detailed and it’s talking about one thing. It makes you go inside. It is just powerful. Read more.


Kristen, Virginia

I Get a lot of Spam and Stuff at Work so I am Selective in what I Subscribe To Over the years, being into self-Help, I have subscribed to all kinds of stuff. But at work sometimes I try to unsubscribe and it won’t let me. I still get a bunch of emails from stuff I have signed up for over the years but I just don’t read them. But if it is something from Todd then I definitely read them. I even print them out. Read more.


Lynn, Texas

I Go on These Periodic Unsubscribe Rampages, “I Am Getting Rid of Everything!” So I am somewhat hesitant to sign up for new newsletters if they do not add a lot to my life. The biggest thing is just digital overload. Todd’s approach to The Work is intriguing and because of how tight Todd’s language is, he doesn’t waste a lot of words, so here was less of a fear of digital overload because it doesn’t feel like a big wall of words coming at me. Read more.


Marina, Virginia

What I Like Best Are the Photos I mean the content is good, but in a way I already expected that. Todd is a good writer. So it is nice to read. But to me that was not a surprise. But what I didn’t expect was the pictures. So I look forward to opening it and seeing what picture do I get. It is kind of like eating a box of chocolates. You just open the email and you don’t know what picture you are going to get, so it is great, and it is still a super yummy chocolate but you don’t know what else is in it. Read more.


Patty, California

I Thought It Would Be Rehashing the Old Stuff that I Already Know Todd is so honest and real about what he talks about as well as insightful. And I especially appreciate the clarity. His ability to present things in a way that has a little bit of a different slant so that it adds to my understanding. For me, it is not heavy handed, not dogmatic, not teaching. It is just light-hearted and helps me stay loose. Read more.

Lucia Maya

Lucia Maya, Hawaii

I Looked At “Would It Really Be Something Of Substance?” I just thought, “Well, I’ll try it. And if I don’t like it I can unsubscribe.” And because I had met Todd, and because I had read his website, I just had a really good feeling about it. I have really enjoyed it. What I find is that, for one thing, it’s extremely well written. Todd does a really great job with the actual prose. It’s in a style that is very understandable. And it gives me new information, new insights. And one of the things I like best is that Todd brings in his own personal story. So it’s not just him talking about someone else doing The Work. It’s personal. And so it’s very easy to relate to it. Read more.


Sallie, Virginia, Certified Facilitator

This Is a Delightful Newsletter I must admit that I hesitated signing up for another newsletter, but this one is a delight. It is just one page and offers clarity, playfulness and humor. I think Todd’s newsletter would be great continuing education for anyone involved in The Work, and in particular for certified facilitators. Read more.

“I am so glad that I subscribed to your letter. It has insights, availability, consistency and variety. Thank you.” Miriam, California

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