Money and Job Issues

These articles show you how The Work can help with money issues and job related stress.

perfectionism 1. Perfectionism: Is It Good or Bad? Perfectionism is a double-edged sword, and it seems to do a lot of its damage when we’re at work. Are perfectionistic tendencies causing problems at work for you?
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looking for a job 2. How To Use The Work When Looking For A Job One of the most stressful situations is when you’re looking for work and not getting anywhere. Find out how The Work can bring you back to peace.
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unfairness 3. Unfairness On The Job: Can You Find Peace Even Here? Sometimes the job setting brings out the worst in people. When things get unfair at work, The Work can help you stay calm. Read the article here.

fireplace 4. Are Bad Clients Making You Lose Passion For Your Work? How much time to you waste managing bad clients, instead of taking care of good ones? Here’s an article to read.

PDA 5. Are You Becoming A Slave To Your PDA? Smart phones and PDA’s make it easy to work from anywhere. But are they causing more stress than than they’re worth? Read the article here.

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