What Is The Work?

These articles show you a little bit of what The Work is, and what it isn’t.

rope and snake 1. What Exactly Is The Work? If you’re new to The Work, or are looking for a way to explain it simply to other people, this article can help.
Read it here.

turnarounds 2. What Is A Turnaround? Turnarounds are specific ways to find the opposites of the stressful thoughts you’re believing. Learn how to find the turnarounds here. Read this article.

fake smile 3. Are You Tired Of Pretending Everything is OK? The Work is about coming out of denial. Learn about the gentle way it does it.
Read the article here.

rafting balance 4. What Exactly Is Balance? Balance is not just flat silence. Real balance is a very dynamic experience. Learn how The Work can help maintain balance in a quickly changing environment. Read the article here.

rafting balance5. Four Reasons To Use A Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet Are you resisting writing a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet? Learn why this is the key tool to use with The Work. Read this article.

decisions 6. The Work Is Not A Tool For Making Decisions (Or Is It?) Decisions can be stressful. But The Work is not a decision-making tool. Instead, it can be used to deal with the stress of making a decision. Learn how here.

chuck a tantrum 7. Why You May Just Need To Chuck A Tantrum The Aussie’s have a term, “Chuck a tantrum.” And The Work gives you a way to do it without hurting anyone or yourself. Read the article here.

find beauty 8. Can You Find Beauty Anywhere? Finding beauty in ugly situations is an art. The Work cultures just this ability.
Learn how here.

love 9. What’s Stopping You From Love? Who doesn’t want to love? But sometimes we just can’t love, no matter how hard we try. Learn how The Work can help you find your way back to love.
Read the article here.

can't help 10. Why The Work Can’t Help You! The Work is a great tool of self-inquiry. But if you’re not open to it, it’s as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike.
Find out why here.

my fault 11. Why Does It Always Have To Be My Fault? The Work brings us back to our own responsibility, the only place where we have control. Here’s how to keep from getting discouraged as you do your work. Read the article here.

trip-wire method 12. The Trip-Wire Method Ready to get started with The Work? Here’s my favorite way to identify a subject to work on.
Read the article here.

meditation 13. Why Practicing Peace Is An Ineffective Means of Meditation Some advocates of meditation confuse the goal and the path. Learn how The Work brings peace through self-exploration. Get the details here.

reading 14. Why Reading About The Work Is Not Enough There’s a saying in yoga, “1 percent theory, 99 percent practice.” Learn why this is essential to understand if you’re looking for freedom using The Work. Read it here.

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