My Process

Here are some articles that reveal some of the ways I’m using The Work in my life:

full potential 1. I’m Not Living Up To My Full Potential This has always been one of my biggest issues. This article explains the background, and before and after I did a session with Byron Katie on this exact story. Read it here.

bias 2. How Bias Influences The Work (My Prejudice Against Divorce) Clients sometimes bring up unresolved issues in me. Here’s the story of how one client’s session turned into self-inquiry for me. Read the article here.

service 3. Are Your Thoughts Keeping You From Serving? For me, self-inquiry and meditation come easier than selfless service. Here I look at the underlying beliefs I have about service. Read this article here.

fanaticism 4. How Fanaticism Creeps In In this article, I notice the bud of fanaticism creeping into my own thinking. And I discuss how to counteract it. Read the article here.

mistake 5. Was Last Week’s Email A Mistake? In this article I look at an article I had written the week before, which I judged as a mistake at the time. Here’s what I learned. Read it here.

wrong side of bed 6. What To Do When You Get Up On The Wrong Side Of Bed? Sometimes I just don’t want to get out of be and face the day. Here’s how I use The Work to deal with general malaise. Read the article here.

where is your ego hiding? 7. Where Is Your Ego Hiding? Here’s Where Mine’s Been Hanging Out
I like to think of myself as a generous, free kind of person. But here’s a situation that showed me to be quite the opposite.
Read about it in this article.

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