I Don’t Have Time to Read Many Newsletters

Melanie, Vancouver

“I often I subscribe to newsletters just to get certain information, but have to delete a lot of irrelevant ones to get the good stuff.

“Other email newsletters are too long, so I save them to read later. But I don’t get around to it. I am reluctant to sign up for more newsletters because they just pile up in my email.

“I Initially Subscribed Because…

1) I ‘knew’ Todd already from a forum.
2) I was familiar with Byron Katie’s work, but hadn’t done any inquiry in a long time
3) I liked the website, and the way Todd wrote about inquiry. I enjoyed his approach and the warmth that came through in his writing.

“I don’t always get a chance to read every issue, but I have enjoyed every one I read. They help me to keep inquiry in my busy life, at least a little bit.

“The Newsletters Are Well Written and To The Point

“I can easily read through a newsletter in a few minutes. The layout is attractive and simple. I can often identify with the situations discussed in the newsletter. I love Todd’s writing. He seems very accepting, down-to-earth, and sometimes humorous.

“I Would Definitely Recommend the Newsletter to Anyone Interested in Doing The Work

“It can be hard to do The Work on your own without an outside perspective. With some situations it’s really hard to get around your own habitual way of thinking, especially when you’re starting out. The situations Todd describes in the newsletter help you see other perspectives, and really understand The Work at a deeper level.

“I don’t always identify with each of the topics Todd writes about , and I am picky about what I subscribe to. Even so, when I read that I needed to sign up again to keep getting the newsletter, I didn’t hesitate. I didn’t want to miss out.

“In a busy week, Todd’s newsletter is a brief time that I take to contemplate how I am thinking and responding to what is going on around me.”

Melanie, Vancouver, BC

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