“I Like Things to Be Clear and Obvious Right Away”

Heidi, Alberta, Canada

“The thing that makes me not want to sign up for a newsletter, or cancel one, is when it’s too visually cluttered. I find that on my computer there is just so much to look at and process, at any given moment. I need to be able to see what it’s about, and how it applies to me, and what it’s value is immediately.

“If there are lots of little side bars or advertisements or pop-ups, it’s very distracting and unappealing. One of the appealing things about this newsletter is that the moment it shows up in my inbox the subject makes it very clear what the newsletter is about.

“And then as soon as I read through it, it’s just clear, simple, very straightforward and digestible. I don’t ever look at the newsletter and go, “OK, I’m going to have to read that later.” Which I do with some. I can handle it right away.

“I Am Very Easily Distracted

“So I need things to be very straightforward and clear. I find that when I’m online or looking at an email, if there’s too much trying to catch my eye, or too much advertising, it’s overwhelming.

“I feel like I’ve got so many things on the go at any given time, that even when I sit down at my computer, if something has three, four, eight different messages, instead of just one, then I’m turned off immediately.

“One Thing I Like About This Newsletter Is That It Is a Constant Reminder to Keep in The Work

“When it shows up in my inbox it is just a little bell going, “Hey have you done your work?”

“And it also makes The Work feel very approachable. I find that by reading through the newsletter it makes me want to do The Work – it makes it seem not daunting, approachable, doable.

“Visually, the one thing I like about it is that it’s very non-cluttered. I like that the title makes the contents very clear. It makes me want to go ahead and read.

“And content-wise, I really like that Todd shares personal experiences. It makes it very relatable and it makes it seem like, “Ok, other people struggle with doing The Work.” Or, “Here’s what someone else lived through. That’s similar to me.”

“The personal bits are good because there’s not too much detail to make me think, “Do I have to read all this?” It’s just enough to make it relatable and useful.

“The Newsletter Always Serves as a Little Bit of a Kickstart for Me

“It makes me think, “You know, I could use some work today.” Because it makes The Work feel so manageable, it makes me more open to doing it. I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

“I really liked the one newsletter about blasting through a JYNW, where I was thinking I had to sit and take 2 – 3 hours to really process every question. It was nice to think, “I could just fly through this, do a quick version and see what comes up that way.” I really like that.

“A Sense of Connection

“Another benefit from getting the newsletter is just a sense of connection, that there are other people out there also doing The Work. Also finding their way through how to apply it in their lives–really, really apply it.

“Because it can feel a little bit “over there.” Like, “Ok, I did The Work. Now how does that apply in my life?” The sense of connection I really appreciate. Even though it’s just a newsletter, I feel supported through it.

“I Would Recommend This Newsletter Because It’s Very Readable

“It’s never too long. It’s a real put off when you see something in your inbox that’s just too long.

“I think, “OK, I’m going to tackle that later,” and it’ll sit there for weeks sometimes, if it’s too long and too much to chew. So I would recommend it because it’s short and manageable. It’s positive. It’s always something that makes you think, but not in a way that you feel like you have more homework to do. It’s just a really good dose of getting you on track.

“I like the newsletter coming in email format because then I don’t have to go looking for things to help me with The Work, or to get my day going in the right direction, it just appears. It’s just there for me. So it’s effective in that way.

“Newsletters where you have to click over to read something on a website, those ones I rarely read because I think, “That’s too much work.” It’s ridiculous but it’s true. And part of why that’s true for me is because I’m easily distracted. I’ll click over and then I’ll spend an hour that I didn’t intend to spend at my computer. It’s nice to just stay in your inbox.

It’s Uplifting

“Anything that I subscribe to, that comes to my inbox, I want to be uplifting. Something that makes me want to be a better person. I always know that when The Work as Meditation newsletter appears, I’m going to get a little rush, a little hit of something nice, that’s going to make a difference in my day in a good way.”

Alberta, Canada

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