I Don’t Want to Have More Email to Read, and I Want to Make Sure I Can Unsubscribe


Marina, Virginia

And certainly I don’t want my email to be sold to other people. Then it is impossible. You get inundated with a million other sales offers from God knows who, and it is not what you signed up for, and it is just really annoying. That is really annoying.

I guess a big thing is trust.

Can I trust that my information won’t be given away? Can I trust that if I don’t want it anymore that I can just unsubscribe and go on my merry way?

So, it’s trust.

When I Subscribed to The Work as Meditation Newsletter

I found that, at least so far, my email hasn’t been sold or given away to anyone else, so that is a good thing. And I have found that, yes, there is an unsubscribe link on every one so if I ever want to unsubscribe I could do that.

What I Like Best Are the Photos

I mean the content is good, but in a way I already expected that. Todd is a good writer. So it is nice to read. But to me that was not a surprise.

But what I didn’t expect was the pictures. So I look forward to opening it and seeing what picture do I get. It is kind of like eating a box of chocolates. You just open the email and you don’t know what picture you are going to get, so it is great, and it is still a super yummy chocolate but you don’t know what else is in it. My favorite feature.

And Another Thing That I Really Like

When the articles are more about what is The Work about, or even specific circumstances, they are great because they are sharable.

Because let’s say I was talking to my husband and he was stressed about something and it just happens that the newsletter talked about a similar situation, or how to deal with something. Then it is easy to forward it and say “Oh, read this. It is going to help you.”

It is the only real way that I can see that I can share something. So I really appreciate that feature of it coming in an email.

I Would Recommend the Newsletter to Other People Who Are Interested in Doing The Work

And especially with Todd. It is a good way to stay in touch with it.

It is so easy to just try to do The Work when you are stressed, instead of trying to always practice it so when the stressful thing comes up you are ready. The newsletter is not The Work, but at least it reminds you that it exists.

Because it is easy not to do it. It is like “Oh, I am too busy” and I am not doing it, but then the newsletter comes and you are like “Oh, yeah, I got to do it!”

So it is a good way to stay in touch.

Also, I Really Like the Way Todd Does The Work

It feels really gentle and fun. I just think that Todd has a unique approach with being gentle and kind and fun. And that comes through in the newsletters as well.


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