I Thought It Would Be Rehashing the Old Stuff that I Already Know


Patty, California

Just telling me again. So another way of what I thought might be wasting my time. I find I have a knee-jerk reaction to most emails—-which is, I get the delete button right in my sight. I also thought that I wouldn’t have time to read it. That was a big resistance. And neither of those things have I found to be true.

I am really excited to see what it is that Todd has come up with. I am doing The Work anyway. And getting these insights, having things pointed out… have I overlooked this? They are extremely helpful when they come in.

Todd Is so Honest and Real about What he Talks About as Well as Insightful

And I especially appreciate the clarity. His ability to present things in a way that has a little bit of a different slant so that it adds to my understanding. I am one that always likes to know that I am understanding it correctly, and I happen to like to have things repeated so that I am sure that I understand correctly. For me, it is not heavy handed, not dogmatic, not teaching. It is just light-hearted and helps me stay loose.

So far, the one thing I like the best about the newsletter is the visuals of it. It just looks interesting, makes me want to read it.

The Benefit Has Been, Say in My One-for-One Work, Clarifying

I just remember it was on page 9 of Todd’s Checklist for the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. Very clarifying, very accessible – so I have used that a lot.

In the newsletter, I like how Todd discusses watching a movie and seeing how The Work fit into that movie. And how it illustrated some part of The Work. Not keeping The Work in a little capsule but having it embrace—and having Todd share—how things have touched his life and how they fit into The Work for him.

The newsletter is wonderful, breathing, living information and feedback and sharing.

I Think, For Me, Anytime I Can Have The Work Kept in my Routine It Helps

I know for sure I am going to turn on my computer everyday. I don’t know for sure if I am going to open Loving What Is everyday. Or grab a worksheet everyday.

But if it is right there in my email, I am reminded in a very non-threatening way, in a very friendly way. So I am less resistant because of it. So, yeah, I would recommend it to anybody.


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