Deepening Inquiry

These articles take you deeper into the process of self-inquiry:

chess 1. Why You’ll Win More Games If You Wait To Attack The King You may think that working on your biggest beliefs will make you the most progress. But you may be surprised to find that there’s a more effective strategy from the game of chess. Read about it here.

yes or no 2. Why Are Questions 1 and 2 a Yes or No Only? We’re so used to complicated answers that a simple yes or no can seem strange. Learn why answering questions 1 and 2 with a yes or no is valuable. Read the article here.

crying babies 3. When Doing The Work, Do You Get Overwhelmed By Tons Of Other Thoughts Coming Up? Once you’ve opened Pandora’s box, here’s how to deal with everything inside. Read this article here.

andromeda galaxy 4. Why Are Some Beliefs So Hard To Overcome? Some stressful beliefs are deeply ingrained, and resistant to inquiry. Here are some tips when dealing with them. Read the article here.

repetitive 5. Are You Writing Pretty Much The Same Things On Questions 2-4? When writing a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet, it can get repetitive, unless you understand the subtle differences between the questions. Learn more here.

I'm not good enough 6. How To Work With “I’m Not Good Enough” This is a core belief that often resists inquiry. Here are a few ways to get a handle on it when doing The Work. Read the article here.

do the work in your head 7. Why It’s More Effective To Write Out The Work Than To Do It In Your Head It’s tempting to simply do The Work in your head. Certainly there are some advantages to it. But if you never sit down and write the work, you will shortchange yourself. Learn why in this article.

The Work on yourself 8. Can I Write A Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet On Myself? This a common question when for anyone new to The Work. Our stressful thoughts are all about us. But you may want to look a little closer.
Read the article here.

practice 9. Want Your Inquiry To Yield A Richer Fruit? You may need to look at what you’re putting into the process.
Read this article.

learn how to facilitate 10. If You Want To Do The Work, Learn How To Facilitate Ultimately, self-inquiry depends on us. If you really want to be free, learning how to facilitate is essential. Read the article here.

question four 11. Do You Ever Get Hung Up On Question Four? Question four of The Work can be a challenging question at first. Here are few tips to get you through it.
Read the article here.

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