A Lot of Personal Development That I Follow is “Grandiose” or “Transform Your Life” or “Make a Million Dollars,” Etc.


Ari, Israel

I just love Todd’s whole approach. It is personal. It is honest. That is what I love – it is honest. It is just honest.

What I love about Todd’s newsletter is it is so specific and it’s so detailed and it’s talking about one thing. It makes you go inside. It is just powerful. Like the previous newsletter “Do You Want to Be a Superhero or Make Money?” It’s just very real, very grounding. I love it.

My Experience with The Work is Pretty Introductory

I have some friends from Ojai who talked about Byron Katie and The Work in such intense high praise that I was like “Okay, I have to check this out.” And, in general, it is in-line with a lot of personal development and spirituality that I have been studying.

I have read some of Byron Katie’s books and I have watched some of her videos. That is how I found Todd. From the little I have to do with it, The Work is very aligned and it is obviously very powerful.

As soon as I saw Todd’s video and then I saw that Todd was already doing this as his work, I was sold because it was someone who had already gone through his own transformation and that is the most authentic thing.

I Like That it Is All in the Email and That I Don’t Click

I like that it is just there and I can read it.

I like that Todd takes a working philosophy, or a working process, a working system and he works within that and makes it more specific. I love that as the context of the whole thing.

And I like that the newsletter is consistent. It is funny because I get a ton of newsletters, I get a lot of emails, but I know on Thursday that I am going to get something from Todd and I love it.

I love that it’s consistent and it’s concise and it’s real. And just the energy feels really good. And that is why I was inspired to write to Todd. Because it just felt like it was someone just writing to someone they know. And it feels very real.

I Would Recommend the Newsletter to Anybody

We live in a world of instant communication and so I am very wary of sending anything to someone else unless they ask me. But I would say if somebody asked me like “Hey Ari, would you recommend a few things to help me be more focused, be happier, be more energetic, have a sense of more fulfillment in my life?” then I would definitely send them to Todd.


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