“I Really Wanted to Do The Work More Frequently but I Didn’t Think I Had Time

Annie, Illinois

“I was really really interested in ideas about how to do The Work more daily–more often.  So I was eager, and hungry for the info.  

“The newsletter is something I look forward to every week.  When I see it in my inbox I get excited.  And almost every time it’s been a topic that’s hit the nail on the head for me with things I’m thinking about as I do The Work, or things that I’m running up against.  

“And it usually gives me an idea that’s helpful, or makes me laugh, or tells me a new story that I can use talking about The Work.  So it’s really a positive thing for me to get it.  

“It keeps answering questions. Some that I had, and some that I didn’t even know I had.  I helps me in my work.  

“It’s So Friendly to the Eye

“The content is what I’m interested in reading, but one thing I really like about The Work as Meditation newsletter is how it’s set up and so friendly to the eye with the photographs and the way it’s broken up with different headings.  It’s just easy to read.  

“And if you stop for a minute, easy to find your place.  It’s large enough print, and enough white space to really make it readable.  

“I Would Recommend the The Work as Meditation Newsletter

“I would recommend the newsletter because, if anybody’s interested in The Work, it’s a great introduction.  It’s also great for people who are already doing The Work, and want to try the online type of facilitation, or Slow-Cook Inquiry, which I really loved.  

“What got me into Slow-Cook Inquiry was the idea that I really wanted to do The Work more frequently but I didn’t think I had time.  So this got me going because I knew I could do it for about 10-15 minutes a day.  And it helped me be more regular, more consistent, and get me off the ground from thinking that The Work was just an infrequent thing in my life, but more of daily practice.

“I Just Appreciate All That You’ve Been Putting Into It

“I’ve been thinking about how much creativity it requires to come up with a new topic every week for the newsletter, and to present it in the way that you do, and have it be so relevant.  I just appreciate all that you’ve been putting into it.  

“I’ve been meaning to write you and tell you how much the newsletter has helped me, and I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten around to until now.  I wanted you to know that after I read it I think, “Oh, I should tell Todd,” and then I don’t follow through.  But at least people are thinking that, at least me, are thinking that after they read it.  So I wanted you to know that.”

Annie, Illinois

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