“I Get Hundreds of Emails Per Day”


Carol, California

“My hesitations when signing up for a new newsletter are that I won’t read it, it will end up spam in my mailbox, and it’s just one more thing to deal with in my life. I have a very, very crowded inbox—I get hundreds of emails per day. The fact is that I have more things to do than time to do them, and the idea of having one more claim on my attention is daunting.

“I had the same hesitation to sign up for The Work as Meditation newsletter. I was afraid I wouldn’t take the time to read it, even though I really wanted to. But I find that I always take the time to read it.

“It’s A Treat

“It doesn’t claim my attention, it gives me more attention. It gives me more space in my day because I finish reading the newsletter with a sense of less attachment to how I think things are. I feel refreshed and expanded by the newsletters.

“I Love the Titles

“The subject lines are always really interesting. I love how the articles often go against conventional wisdom, and are counter to what you expect. I like that they’re out of the box. I also like how personal they are.

“I’m a Writer, and I Love Todd’s Writing

“And his terrific insights: the newsletters always contain remarkable insights, valuable information, new ways to look at yourself in your situation, and new ways to think about challenges you’re facing.

I highly recommend The Work as Meditation newsletter. I think it gives depth to The Work. It’s clear that Todd has done a lot of thinking about The Work.

If you find The Work useful, Todd’s newsletter is deepening. It’s powerful to look at the fine meanings of the different parts of The Work, and of the subtler values of The Work.”


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