I Wouldn’t Recommend Your Newsletter to Just Anyone

Rick, Ontario

“Most people just aren’t interested. They’re more interested in whatever. Intentional introspection is generally not on a lot of people’s life menu.

“So I wouldn’t recommend your newsletter to just anyone, because I think a lot of people would just read it and go, “Well, I don’t know what that is.” And they just don’t have the time or patience to actually understand it, or to look into it.

“But anyone in my life who has expressed any moderate amount of desire for introspection, I would recommend the newsletter to, and of course the technique, and Byron Katie’s website, and her book, and everything. But you do give a unique perspective–daily practice of it, instead of just crisis management.

“There’s Nothing Wrong with Crisis Management

“When you’re in crisis, that’s what you need. It’s like good nutrition. It’s like, when you’re sick, good nutrition makes you well. And if you’re well, good nutrition makes you “weller.” Good, wholesome, organic broccoli. Whenever you eat it, you know you’re going to get a benefit from it.

“That’s why your newsletter appeals so much to me.

I’ve Always Been Sort Of A Crisis Manager

And I was using The Work as crisis management so to speak. But I really liked the idea of turning it into a daily practice.

Now to be honest, I do not practice it every day, but I definitely practice it more than I did before you sort of gave me this idea that “Yeah, practice it every day whether you really feel like you need to or not.” Because it’s just like meditation.

“I’m The Type Of Person That Can Get Diverted Very Easily

“I probably practice The Work once every three days, rather than once every day. And if I get interested in something, everything else just falls away.

“So when you send me an email, I’m reminded how much I enjoy The Work, and how much I trust it. Like that it’s there. And all I need is a gentle reminder to say, “Yeah, it’s there when you need it.” I like just the fact that it is given to me on a regular schedule.

“Also, You Need Different Perspectives of The Work

“Understanding how The Work works is such a subtle concept that you do need different perspectives of it to really get a good idea of what it is, so you’re not fooled into thinking it something it’s not.

“And that’s what your newsletter does. It just sort of gently corrects the course of how we perceive The Work. And that’s extremely valuable.

“Because anybody who’s had any any real experience of life knows that you have to constantly be refining your understanding of something to get the most benefit from it practically. And I think that’s what I find your newsletters do. They just gently, on a schedule, help that refining process.

“So when you send a newsletter. And I see “The Work As Meditation” in my inbox–meaning that there’s an email from Todd with his next newsletter, I’m thinking, “OK, When I read that, I’m going to get a new perspective.

“I Know The Work Is Great

“I know that it’s effective. And I know that from experience. It’s just really nice to have a regularly scheduled demonstration that, “Yeah, let’s look at it in a new way, but we’re always going to come back to the basics of ‘the practice of The Work is going to bring you more clarity in dealing with reality.’”

“I also like the fact that I’m reminded that there is a human being that I can actually go to for facilitation if I need it (obviously, your facilitation services–I’ve used them a couple of times and I’m happy with them). I’ve gotten past that crisis mode. So now I feel like I’m out of crisis so I’m really happy doing The Work on my own, but I like to be reminded that you’re there to facilitate if I ever need you to.

“It’s not like you’re trying to sell anything either. Your newsletters are designed to just have a different perspective on how we deal with reality. Well, that’s what you give with your newsletters.

“The Work Makes My Job Easy

“With The Work finally, if someone is having problems, or a crisis, or they show an interest that they want to look inwards for their answers, now I have this technique. And I can say, “Here. It doesn’t cost a cent. Her books are at the library.”

“You really have no excuse. So basically, if you don’t take my advice and read her book and at least practice it once, then I don’t have to listen to you complain about not having any way to find out about yourself.

“That’s one of the great things about The Work is that it’s free. All you have to know is to read the one book Loving What Is. And if you can’t say it works, my conclusion is that you probably didn’t really try it. You’re probably not interested in really exploring it the way you think you might be.”

Rick, Ontario

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