I Go on These Periodic Unsubscribe Rampages, “I Am Getting Rid of Everything!”


Lynn, Texas

So I am somewhat hesitant to sign up for new newsletters if they do not add a lot to my life.

The biggest thing is just digital overload. It can be frustrating to know that there is content that I am really interested in, but then I don’t have time to read it.

Another thing is that I have a lot of people whose newsletters that I subscribe to who I consider friends, like we have been through the Martha Beck Life Coach Training together or someone I have a personal connection to, someone who doesn’t have a million followers.

I am hesitant to sign up for those sometimes because I don’t want to then unsubscribe and hurt their feelings. Actually I have several that keep coming in my inbox and I just keep deleting them and I never read them but I don’t unsubscribe because I don’t want them to know that I unsubscribed.

I Am a Very, Very Avid Blog Reader, Website Reader and Newsletter Reader

I like all different stuff. There are ones that are inviting and easy and uncluttered and the timing is right on them, as far as how often they come, and so I keep those. And then I end up unsubscribing from a lot of them because they are either inconvenient or annoying in some way.

I much prefer the ones where you can read the whole article right in your email instead of having to click the link to read more and go to their website. I end up unsubscribing from a lot of those. If they are too long and too wordy sometimes those don’t work.

I Like Todd’s Writing Style

Todd has a lot of white space. He has short phraseology. He is to the point, very concise and I like that quality in a newsletter.

Todd’s approach to The Work is intriguing and because of how tight Todd’s language is, he doesn’t waste a lot of words, so here was less of a fear of digital overload because it doesn’t feel like a big wall of words coming at me. I can read it quickly. Get the point. Todd is not approaching ten different points in the same newsletter. He keeps it pretty brief and pretty to one topic.

It is short, it is simple. It is very simple and clean yet deep. Not to get crazy with comparing it to poetry, but it’s kind of how really good poetry to me says a lot with fewer words.

Sometimes more words actually detract from the message. I feel that way about writing. A lot of my favorite blogs are very simple, clean, to the point yet they carry a deeper message. And you can be almost more able to see that deeper message because there aren’t too many words.

I Have Been Getting The Newsletter for Maybe 4 – 6 Months

I am pretty sure that I found Todd through Nathaniel Chawkin because for a while there I was going to a Work meet-up group that he holds and he actually has discontinued it for a while and I am pretty sure that he mentioned Todd’s newsletter and that is how I found Todd.

I guess what’s unique about the way Todd talks about The Work it is just a little different, because there are different people talking about The Work all over Facebook all the time, and it is a lot of the same platitudes. Todd is very genuine.

Todd doesn’t Set himself Up to be any Kind of Guru or Expert

Though obviously it comes through that he is experienced with The Work and deep in it and knows a lot about it but he never has that condescending tone or like “here, I am teaching you this”. Which is refreshing and which I appreciate.

Even though Byron Katie says that The Work is meditation—-written meditation, I like the way Todd emphasizes that point. I hadn’t really thought about it that deeply and it has made me think about all of the different ways in which The Work is meditation.

The Newsletter Is a Reminder to be Present and Think About this Stuff

A reminder to take this approach to life because everybody gets caught up in daily blah, blah, blah and checking your email. And then I see something like Todd’s newsletter and it’s like snap back, like “Oh! Present.”

It’s also a connection to the greater community of like-minded people. And it is interesting. It is entertaining and interesting.

I would definitely recommend it to other people who value The Work. Who are intrigued by The Work. I don’t know that it would be for someone who is brand spanking new…I don’t know.

Anybody who likes to explore different facets of The Work. I don’t know if this is absolutely true of not but especially for people who do have a long grounding or have gone deeply into The Work it is a fresh approach to it.

I appreciate Todd’s presence in The Work.


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