I Was Doing The Work But I Was Not Doing It Properly


Christel, England

I was doing The Work… badly. It had somehow ceased being on paper, and I was breezing along to the turnarounds. “It it true?” was always a “No.” “How do you react?” was just “Upset.” “Who would you be without the thought?” “Fine,” followed by a quick whizz through a turnaround or two. It did help, even though it was a bit brief.

Then I happened to see Todd’s newsletter. The article was “How to Stop Skimming Through, ‘Is it True?’” It was just what I needed to take another look at doing The Work, and it re-ignited my interest in spending more time with the questions.

And That’s Why I Wanted the Reminders

I thought if one article can have such a positive effect, I really ought to get the free newsletter every week in case I missed out on something that would be just as helpful. I also reasoned it would be a welcome reminder, and an incentive to be more consistent. And that’s the way it’s worked out for me.

It’s Not What You’re Expecting

I love the beautiful photographs which get my attention straight away. The articles always seem to me to be an unexpected angle on a familiar subject. A small thing like a particular example, or a question, has often helped me see things afresh. Without a bit of guidance, I find my answers can be “samey,” or I’m stuck. It works well for me to see another person’s experience and perspective on the practice.

It’s Not All About Publicity

I’ve subscribed to various newsletters on things I’m into. I notice that sometimes they invite exploration of a subject by pointing towards a teleclass, workshop or personal session. This newsletter is predominantly content that stands alone and runs alongside other opportunities to go deeper. I hope it stays that way because it’s helped me, and seems to keep me exploring.


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