I Get a lot of Spam and Stuff at Work so I am Selective in what I Subscribe To


Kristen, Virginia

I signed up for the newsletter before I signed up for a class or talked to Todd. But I thought “Let me just see what this is.” Previous newsletters were on the website and they seemed chock full of really good stuff and I thought “Yup, this is me.”

I read Todd’s whole website before signing up.

Over the Years, Being into Self-Help, I have Subscribed to all Kinds of Stuff

But at work sometimes I try to unsubscribe and it won’t let me. I still get a bunch of emails from stuff I have signed up for over the years but I just don’t read them. Some of them are metaphysical type emails like crystals.

Since I found The Work, I got away from all that kind of stuff. Not that I don’t love Louise Hay from Hay House Radio or Martha Beck or any of them. I still get their little daily stuff. But my email at work is so weird, and you try to put people into junk mail and it doesn’t work. I just let it go now.

There are Some People at Work who Absolutely keep their Email box Cleaned-up

I get really jealous of them because they have the time to do that, but I don’t. I am really busy at work and I don’t have time to clean it out.

Once or twice a year sometimes I will go through my email and start cleaning it out but I don’t read them. But if it is something from Todd then I definitely read them. I even print them out.

I also like that it is a white background, the font is black–it is easy to read.

I Hadn’t Been Doing The Work everyday, so I Signed-up for Todd’s Newsletter and Slow-Cook Inquiry and they Saved Me

What I find from the newsletters is clarity–clarity of The Work. It was right up my alley. It was just what I needed.

To be honest with you, I know this isn’t about Slow-Cook Inquiry, but doing The Work daily really, really saved me. I hadn’t been doing The Work everyday, so I signed up for Todd’s newsletter and his Slow-Cook Inquiry, and they saved me.

But I really like the newsletters themselves, the content. I love the photos (Todd’s photos), and I really like the subject matter. Todd always talks about something that I didn’t know, it brings me a little bit deeper into The Work, like the Living Turnarounds, or just a little different way to think about things.

I have only been doing The Work for 3 years, I am kind of new at it, and I have learned a lot from Todd and it has only been a month. I have learned so much from Todd.

I Feel like I am Getting Valuable Information for Free

I am getting something that normally people would have to pay for. I am getting clued-in to The Work…stuff I didn’t even know about The Work…deeper.

You feel like you are getting good information about The Work for free. It is something that is broken down in a way that every time I read the newsletter I feel like, “I want to be like that. I want to get to that level. I want to get to where Todd is at.”

I feel like it is very beneficial to me. I am over here by myself, living alone, thinking stuff about The Work and then Todd’s email will come and it is confirmation for me. It is exactly what I am working on. And I think “Wow, I didn’t think of it that way.”

I Love it that Todd Uses his own Examples and Stuff Too

That makes it real. Todd is not “Well, do this and do that.” He is “Well, this is my situation and this is how I did it.”

I would recommend Todd’s newsletter. I think it is a great tool to have. If you are new to The Work or not, I would recommend it because it explains things a little deeper. Even though I have read all of Katie’s books and listened to her audios, everything I can get my hands on, it drills it down and explains The Work, and it is another person explaining The Work.

Sometimes I will sit over here by myself and think “Oh gosh, Byron Katie, I can’t do this. You are just this great woman. I am not like you and I can’t do this.” And then to have Todd’s newsletter come and see that he is Living the Turnarounds and living by the stuff Katie does, it is exactly what I want too. It is a good feeling.

I would Recommend the Newsletter because Todd does a Really Good Job of Explaining It

I don’t want to say “dumbing down” but, someone could get Todd’s newsletter that had never heard of The Work and totally get and understand it. It is an easier way to break The Work down.

I love them. I think Todd could combine them together into an e-book. Not that I am telling him to sell them but technically he could. The content is that good.


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