“The Consideration When Signing Up for a New Newsletter Is Information Overload”


Kathryn, Facilitator of The Work, Utah

“I’m involved in lots of various groups and environmental actions.  When I sign up with one group, it seems many more contact me.  It quickly gets to be overwhelming and my inbox is filled to the brim with ads and invitations and petitions leaving me wary of joining more.

“What I experience and appreciate in The Work as Meditation newsletters that I’ve received is Todd’s tone, which is really open and gentle and humble but generous at the same time around The Work, around his availability, and his innovations around The Work.

“My experience is that Todd has stepped out in a new direction, from a new kind of wavelength around The Work that I really like.  

“And There’s Not a Lot of Pushiness or Neediness Coming from Todd as a Facilitator

“Todd has a tone that’s respectful of the people reading.  Whereas sometimes newsletters are like, “Isn’t this a problem? And isn’t that a problem? Aren’t you just up to your ears with troubles? I can help!”   Todd’s isn’t that way.  It’s more like, we’re in this together.  He really feels like a fellow in the dance rather than some kind of authority.  And I love that about the way Todd shows up too.  

“I Just Love the Aliveness and the Originality

“And yet Todd stays really true to the heart of The Work.  I just always feel comforted by the newsletter.  The continuity itself provides a comfort.  And his open heartedness and humility is just really a sweet thing to be with.  

“I’m nuts about The Work.  I’m never going to stop.  That’s not a problem.  But it’s nice to have this ongoing cohort.   

“I have recommended The Work as Meditation newsletter to others.  I’ve recommended it to some clients, and other people that I work with.”

Facilitator of The Work

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