Why Reading About The Work Is Not Enough

What’s your favorite romance novel?

Can you picture it? Do you remember reading it? And cherishing each word?

Reading a romance novel is a lovely thing. It gives the experience of romance almost as completely as the real thing does. But most of us would not be satisfied if there were only romance novels in our lives. No matter how well written they are, they can’t replace a real relationship.

Likewise, Reading About The Work Can Only Go So Far

Reading about The Work is great. Like a good romance novel, it gives a taste of what’s in store. It gives an introduction–a birds eye view. And without that introduction, you might not find a reason to begin The Work at all.

Reading is excellent to keep you thinking and refining your skills as well. That’s why I keep sending out this newsletter. It is a support for doing The Work.

But It’s Not A Substitute

Results come from doing The Work itself. Even reading someone else’s work can be helpful, but it’s still one generation removed. It not as personal as when you summon up the courage, and put your own beliefs on the table for examination.

Let’s face it, reading is safe. There’s no risk in reading romance novels, and there’s no risk in reading The Work that others do. It’s passive. It’s easy to weasel out of any real change when you read another person’s work. It lacks the accountability that doing your own work gives you.

If you really want to gain the most from The Work, I invite you to step out of the safety of your arm-chair, and start putting The Work into practice.

Here’s How My Website Can Take You From Reader To Doer Of The Work

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The main purpose of the newsletter is to keep The Work gently in your awareness. When you read the newsletter regularly, chances are you’ll want to start doing The Work. And that’s what the rest of this website is all about: supporting you to do The Work on a regular basis. Whether it’s five-minute, daily, group sessions in Slow-Cook Inquiry, or personal phone sessions with me, I’m here to support you to support yourself.

The first step is to subscribe. I invite you to take this opportunity to step out from behind the romance novel and jump into The Work with both feet.

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