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The Work 102

A Course in Listening

If you value or want to improve the skill of listening to another person who is sharing vulnerably, this course is for you. You will not only improve your ability to listen to another person’s heart but to listen to your own as well. As you master this skill, watch your internal, personal, and professional relationships begin to blossom.

What Stops Us From Truly Listening?

We all know the value of listening. There is nothing more amazing that being truly listened to. And it can be just as fulfilling to be the listener as it is to be listened to. So what stops us sometimes from being the best listeners we can be? 
What stops me is thinking that if I listen, I have to help. Then in my confusion, I step into the other person’s business. When doing The Work, this interferes with the meditative process the other person is attempting and can make them defensive. And this desire to help can cause the same reaction anytime someone is sharing vulnerably outside of The Work.
I think, “I’m just trying to help! Why is she pushing me away?” not realizing that my over-zealous desire to help is making her feel unsafe. 
On the other hand, that same desire to help, when working with someone who wants to be rescued, can cause him to become overly attached and dependent on me. In this case, the person accepts my help but latches on. My ego may like this for a while, but it is not a balanced relationship and eventually it crashes.
Until you can find the balance between caring and not caring too much, intimate sharing remains stressful on both sides.

Become a Master of Listening

Learn the subtle art of listening to another person’s heart when doing The Work and see the benefits both in and out of work sessions. With practice you can become:

  • A friend others can fully trust
  • A facilitator who holds the space beautifully
  • A humble, caring support in any situation
  • A spouse who is capable of sharing vulnerably
  • A business person who can engage honestly and kindly
  • Someone who doesn’t make listening be about themselves
  • Someone who can listen to anyone
  • Someone who doesn’t lose themselves while listening to another
  • Someone who can balance inner and outer

I Understand How Confusing It Can Be

I like listening and I’ve always been fairly good at it, but when I started facilitating The Work, I soon realized that I was still a novice. Much of my listening was motivated by being a helper and gaining appreciation and love. And I had trouble being firm when appropriate.

Over 15 years, through the process of questioning my stressful thoughts about my clients and looking closely at what I was thinking during spoken work sessions, I have developed a new level of skill in listening—a deeper, less confusing way to be there for someone—a way that is truly supportive yet not interfering. That is what I wish to share with you in this course. 

The Art of Spoken Work

Learn how to join hearts with another person without being a distraction to them and without getting enmeshed with them. Learn the subtle art of spoken work: it is neither coaching nor sitting passively. Deepen your own work with this beautiful form of meditation using The Work of Byron Katie. 
  • Learn how to make your spoken work sessions more subtle
  • Experience less stress when doing The Work with a partner
  • Develop the ability to hold someone selflessly in their work. 
This six-week course will give you both understanding and practice in the art of spoken work.

Avoiding Sharing Is Not The Answer

Sharing The Work, or any other intimate experience with another human being, can be healing, nurturing, and life-transforming. If you feel insecure about this kind of sharing, don’t let your insecurity stop you from developing your ability to connect in a clear way. All that is needed is a little training. 
If you do nothing:
  • You will miss out on healthy human connection that nurtures the soul
  • You’ll remain afraid of spoken work
  • You may remain afraid of genuinely sharing in other close relationships
  • You’ll continue to feel alone
  • You’ll miss the richness of insight that can come from two minds working together

Go From Insecure To Comfortable In Doing Spoken Work

Go from anxiety about doing spoken work with another person to looking forward to it. 

If this sounds interesting to you, I invite you to read further to learn how this program works.

Here's How It Works

The Work 102 is my course for deepening your practice of The Work in spoken form. Having completed The Work 101 and gained confidence in doing The Work in written form on your own, now is the time to add another dimension: working with another person. This is a 6-week, 30-lesson course that takes place in my unique, password-protected, online community called Inquiry Circle. This community setting has been optimized for you to have maximum support as you develop new ways of listening and being with yourself in your work.

Be A Part Of Our Inquiry Circle Community For Six Weeks

This is a community based course and you will be an intimate part of our Inquiry Circle community for the duration of the course. As a member of our online community, you will have many opportunities to do The Work in spoken form and written form with our experienced, kind, and dedicated group.
You will also have a structured course format to follow with exercises and training designed by me. The course will include:
  •  Six 90-min Zoom classes, every Monday for six weeks, led by me. In each class, you will practice different aspects of the art of spoken work with my guidance. 
  • Five additional lessons each week with videos and PDFs to help you understand the basic principles of spoken work.
  • Five exercises of doing The Work each week in written and spoken form for integrating what you are learning.
Note: this is an almost daily practice of The Work (5 days/week). Please be prepared to show up regularly just like in The Work 101. 

Next Course Dates To Be Announced

Check for announcements within Inquiry Circle.

Prerequisite: The Work 101

To participate in The Work 102, you must have completed The Work 101 and be a current member of Inquiry Circle. 


You must stay up to date with assignments to finish in 6 weeks. This course is for people who have the desire and the time to participate. If you cannot commit to this, please do not sign up at this time.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
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The Art of Facilitation

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 24, 2023

I’d always felt some discomfort with facilitation and wanted to challenge myself on facing the fears I harbored. This class helped me enormously. It answered questions I didn’t even know I had. It directly addressed the questions that were simmering in the back of my mind. With plenty of hands-on practice during our weekly Zoom meetings—ranging from speaking exercises to role-playing—I felt more and more confident. I highly recommend The Work 102 for anyone who wants to get more comfortable with spoken work and the enigmatic art of facilitation.

April Cross

No Risk To Try It

If you are not satisfied with the course, you can easily get your money back. If you have even a little interest in deepening your experience of The Work and working through any stress around spoken work, I encourage you to give this course a try. 

If you cannot afford the course fee, please contact us about a possible scholarship or special payment plan.

Sign up within Inquiry Circle

Sign up for the The Work 102 within Inquiry Circle and start moving from anxious to confident about spoken work and sharing intimately with others in a safe and caring way.