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Not Living a Balanced Life? What’s Stopping You?

Nature seems to manage balance. Why can’t I?

Maybe It’s the Move That’s Got Me Tired

But recently, I’ve been thinking about my daily routine. The thought that comes to mind is, “It’s just too much.”

And two ideas come to mind for how to do The Work on it.

1. It’s too much, is that true?

2. What’s stopping me from being more balanced?

I haven’t done this work yet, so let me just explore a bit.

Here Are Some First Thoughts

It’s not too much!

Maybe I’m just looking for a perfect solution (one that preferably includes 36 hours/day). One where there’s time for me to do everything perfectly. Maybe I’m just being unreasonable.

I can feel the truth of this, but I’m not ready to fully absorb it yet.

This is a perfect example of how doing a turnaround without first using the four questions of The Work can be too much of a stretch.

The Turnaround Is, “It’s Not Too Much”

But I’m not ready to jump to the turnaround yet. I still need to see the effect of believing that thought. That’s what the four questions give me.

1. Is it true that it’s too much? Yes.

2. Can you absolutely know it’s too much? No.

3. How do you react, what happens, when think, “It’s too much”? I feel overwhelmed. I start one task and immediately think of another two or three I need to do. I have no focus. I don’t finish things. I can’t rest. I have no sense of accomplishment. I exaggerate my fatigue. I fantasize about vacation. I feel sorry for myself.

4. Who would you be without the thought, “It’s too much”? I’d be more focused on each task. I’d be more likely to make a list and prioritize it. I’d feel more enthusiastic about my work. I notice I’m breathing again.

Now I’m Ready for the Turnaround

The turnaround to the opposite is: “It’s not too much.” So how could that be true? My mind’s open now, so let’s look closer.

Here are some examples of how my routine, as it is, is not too much:

1. I am able to keep up with Inquiry Circle pretty much every day.

2. I am able to keep up with my email and other business tasks pretty much every day.

3. I am able to keep up with writing every week.

4. I have time for meditation, meals, and down-time in the evening.

5. I go to bed early every night.

6. It only feels like it’s too much in my mind because I expect perfection. I want to do everything well. I want to have every task cleared from my desk. And I forget that I can pick my battles. I forget that I can chip away slowly at things over time. Not every lead has to be followed. Not every task has to be completed today!

With that I feel freer to step back to my work without it being a burden in my mind.

And look at that! We’re out of space and out of time to consider the second way to work this issue: by questioning anything that would stop me from leading a more balanced life. I’ll live my turnaround from today and save that one for next time.

Have a great week,

“Your job is not about making money or working with people or impressing your friends or getting respect. The job is about your freedom. Everything—every man, woman, and child, every tree, every stone—is about your freedom. It’s all God giving you what you need so you can get honest one time.” — Byron Katie, Question Your Thinking, Change The World

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Todd Smith has been doing The Work of Byron Katie on an almost daily basis since 2007. He is just as excited about this simple process of self-inquiry today as he was when he first came across it. He also enjoys writing about The Work, and training others in the subtleties of this meditative process. Join Todd for The Work 101 online course, private sessions, virtual retreats, and his ongoing Inquiry Circle group.