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Private Sessions

Work one-on-one with Todd. Get extra support for sensitive subjects. No need to learn The Work, just dive in. Be held by someone who has done a lot of The Work.

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The Work 101

Thorough introduction to how to do The Work. Great way to go deeper in The Work. Begin a regular practice. Become self-sufficient to do The Work on your own. Learn in a supportive online community.

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Spend a weekend in inquiry. Sixteen two-hour sessions around the clock. Come to as many as you want. Feel the support of the Inquiry Circle community.

What Causes Stress?

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What Freedom Looks Like

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How to Let Go?

If you’ve ever tried to let go of a thought you were believing, you probably found it impossible. That’s because your beliefs sit deep inside you. They are not influenced by just wanting to let go.

There are two parts inside each of us in any stressful moment: a wise, mature part and an immature, crying baby. The wise part is impatient for the baby to stop crying. But you can’t make a baby stop crying. You have to listen to it, hold it, ask what’s going on.

When you ask questions to the crying baby inside, it starts to feel safe and can begin to communicate the issue. It feels heard. The wise part listens and takes notes. This is the beginning of trust and mutual respect. When everything has been said, the wise part asks the baby if it would like to question what it thinks.

When the crying baby inside you questions what it thinks, it starts to see things differently. It may find the same wisdom that the wise part in you saw all along, but it discovers it on its own. Or it may find even deeper wisdom than the conscious mind could see. This inner-discovery is what transforms the experience. This is meditation. It is where genuine letting go takes place. And it happens without forcing.

what Is

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A System for Dealing with Stress

Once you see the value of respectfully asking yourself questions, the next question arises: what questions do I ask? Luckily, this is a well-travelled road by those of us who love The Work of Byron Katie (The Work). The Work consists of first asking the stressed mind what exactly is bothering it, then asking four specific questions and looking for turnarounds to gently challenge any stressful thought. This process is simple and can be done by children. But it is profound. It is a meditation. And it deepens with regular practice. Are you ready to go from stress to free? Stress relief is only a few questions away.

“From non-attachment to the fruit of action, peace immediately follows.” Bhagavad-Gita

finding Some Wiggle Room

Two Ways to WigglE: 1.Take Action 2.Question your Thinking
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Even if you can’t change reality through action, you can always create more space inside yourself by questioning your thinking. This means that NO situation can completely shut you down. You always have some wiggle room.

Wiggle Room Podcast

Dealing with stress and emotions through The Work of Byron Katie

Listen to my weekly podcast where you’ll hear Open Session participants doing The Work with me, asking questions about The Work, and discussing anything related to this process. You’ll also hear me reading the newsletter article of the week where I share my experience and insights.

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Living with Money Course

How are you living with money? If it’s not peaceful, notice what you’re thinking and try questioning what you believe. This can be a great place to start your journey with The Work.


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