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The Tenth Annual Address Book Challenge
Somewhere in the woods, you'll find an old forgotten address with secrets to tell. The Tenth Annual Address Book Challenge[...]
Interruptions Are Tests
A woodturner at the lathe is focused on his work. Interruptions are probably not welcome. Interruptions Are Tests If you're[...]
Finding The Hidden Want
How do you experience this sculpture? Finding The Hidden Want If you look at the photo above, you'll see a[...]
The Pain of Regret
Why does the mind try to revive the dead instead of letting go? The Pain of Regret It is easy[...]
Are You Doing The Squeeze?
When water comes to a tight spot between the rocks, it squeezes around and between them. Are You Doing The[...]
Meditation Is Not a Substitute for Action
I love meditation but it is only one part of life. Meditation Is Not A Substitute for Action I have[...]

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