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What If Your Stressful Thoughts Are Questions? Can You Still Question Them?
"Why is spring so slow this year?" It's a question, but really it's a stressful thought. How do you do[...]
Are You Focusing Too Much on Technique When Doing The Work?
Last summer I won silver at our pickleball club tournament. The prize: a bottle of pickles, of course. Listen to[...]
What To Do When You’re Making Little Progress In Your Work?
Do you ever feel like you're flapping your wings but going nowhere in your work? Listen to the extended version[...]
Working with Prejudice
Prejudice keeps the mind walled into black and white boundaries. Working With Prejudice Working with Prejudice Let's face it, prejudice[...]
Money: What Can You Actually Control?
It's possible to set up good growing conditions, but you can't actually control the fruit. Listen to the extended version[...]
Unconditional Love + Direction
An open-hearted gardener is not disturbed by weeds. Yet she pulls them out in favor of the flowers. She accepts[...]

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