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Does The Work Make You a Wimp?
Does questioning what you believe mean you must fall helplessly to the ground? A Common Doubt When Starting The Work[...]
Why I Don’t Need Long Conversations Anymore
Satisfying relationships for me have always required an unlimited amount of time in deep conversation. Can you say impossible? I[...]
Deep Does Not Equal Free
When I'm photographing, I'm looking for depth. That's what appeals to me. The Search for Depth Is Important to Me[...]
Vision Boards vs. Self-Inquiry
Are you shooting for the stars? Or are you content with life on earth? Goals and Surrender Are Natural Opposites[...]
“Who Would You Be?” vs. “Who Are You Without That Thought?”
Who would you be if you were this lily of the valley? Now, get even closer, be the flower: who[...]
Opening Pandora’s Box
This is box 1 of 4 containing all of my mom's photos from when we were young. Opening Pandora's Box[...]

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