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Meeting Yourself with Understanding
All of us are part children and part adults. Children and Adults Help Each Other When balanced, children inspire and[...]
Why I Love The Work of Byron Katie
An activity that allows me to come back to myself will always be a favorite. I Can Connect with Myself[...]
Virtual Retreats Are a Treat!
You don't have to go to a retreat facility in the country to dive deeply into The Work. We did[...]
The Work Is Messy
The Work, like cooking, is messy. There are many steps involved: gathering, crushing, peeling, etc., not just a moment of[...]
Half a Workout Is Better Than No Workout
Just a few minutes of exercise gives almost the same benefits as a full workout. I Got Out of the[...]
No One Can Abuse Me, That’s My Job
Poison ivy turns colors in the Fall The Mind Loves to Pull the Abuse Card When I'm trying to justify not[...]