Peace is always an option when you question what you think.

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Turning Around my Approach to Friendships
To stay afloat, two boats must operate independently even though they may travel together. Friendship Has Always Been A Little[...]
How to Deal with Negative, Energetic Communications
These crows are staring at me and seem to want me to leave. I feel excluded and pushed away by[...]
Wisdom Is Contextual
Don't go out in the rain—except when you need to go out in the rain. Life Is Full of Exceptions[...]
How to Stand up for Yourself without Getting Angry
This plant stands up for itself by having a few spines. It is not angry. It just has spines, and[...]
Resistance to Doing The Work of Byron Katie
Every job requires overcoming a certain amount of resistance to get it done. Resistance Can Stop You In Your Tracks[...]
Does The Work Make You a Wimp?
Does questioning what you believe mean you must fall helplessly to the ground? A Common Doubt When Starting The Work[...]

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