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Does The Work Point Us Towards Going into Denial?
You can't deny the simple fact that there are three peaches on a plate. But you can still question even[...]
The Work Gadget
A little technology can go a long way. There's a New "Gadget" for Doing The Work Two months of quarantine[...]
Two Kinds of Truth
It is one thing to view this photo of balsamroot flowers near my home. It is quite another thing to[...]
Lack of Specificity Makes Question 4 Harder
When you try to define a cloud, it changes. Sometimes It's Hard to Drop into Question 4 Question 4 of The[...]
What Stops Me From Doing The Work
There is only one way that a work of art gets created: by putting in the time. I've Been Doing[...]
Introducing Virtual Retreats
Enjoy a retreat in the comfort of your home. I Have Been Offering Retreats for Years One of my favorite[...]