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No One Can Abuse Me, That’s My Job
Poison ivy turns colors in the Fall The Mind Loves to Pull the Abuse Card When I'm trying to justify not[...]
Observations vs. Stressful Thoughts
Observation: "There are a lot of old boxes dumped here." Stressful thought, "This is a disgusting mess." I Should Question[...]
Getting Back to the Moment After Time Has Passed
After months or years, how well do you remember the conversation sitting on this bench? Is it clear enough to[...]
There’s no Such Thing as Perfect Integrity
"I like this peanut, but this shell is annoying! It's good, but it's a little salty." What is the truth,[...]
The High of Being Needed
There's nothing quite like being needed to make you feel good. This natural instinct serves in many ways but, like[...]
Let Go and Let God
The birth and decay of stars seem to happen naturally without a plan. It seems that all outcomes are equally[...]