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How to Avoid Gaslighting Yourself when Doing The Work
Gaslighting is an abusive communication technique in which someone causes you to question your own version of past events. Self-Inquiry[...]
Do You Have to Hold the Specific Moment in Line 6?
The desire to be precise is a good one. But are there times when less precision can be as valuable.[...]
Meeting Confrontational People with Understanding
This cow didn't want me coming any closer to the herd. She was willing to fight me if it came[...]
Obliged to Rekindle a Friendship after Doing The Work?
Two sailboats may simply pass each other in peace. It is not required that they sail side-by-side. Why Do We[...]
Does The Work Point Us Towards Going into Denial?
You can't deny the simple fact that there are three peaches on a plate. But you can still question even[...]
The Work Gadget
A little technology can go a long way. There's a New "Gadget" for Doing The Work Two months of quarantine[...]