Two Weeks of The Work

beautiful vineyard with autumn leaves, a lake and mountains

Just a few kilometers from home, MacIntyre Bluff at harvest time. The grape leaves have turned to gold.

​Exclusive Time for The Work

​The Work of Byron Katie ​can be an amazing daily practice​, but ​it can also be amazing to do The Work exclusively in a ​retreat setting. ​​Coming to a retreat ​for The Work ​​puts you in an environment where stillness is supported ​simultaneously on both the inside and the outside. ​There are no distractions on the outside, ​allowing all of your attention to focus naturally on what is going on inside of you.

​This is especially true for ​a two-week retreat. Two weeks' time allows ​you to peel away many layers of stressful thinking—each day another layer ​can be ​exposed and dealt with. This process ​allows a growing experience of trust in yourself and in The Work that you are doing. 

​Within two weeks, there is enough ​time to move slowly, at your own pace, gradually becoming more honest and vulnerable with yourself ​each day. ​And, as you ​naturally begin to integrate ​the process of self-inquiry into your life​, it becomes stronger ​inside of you and easier to access when you return home. ​

​​I Invite You to ​My Home in British Columbia This Winter

​​​I will be offering this two-week retreat ​with my dear friend, Maria Stachel, a certified facilitator from Austria who has a lot of experience doing The Work. She can go very deep and be so honest. With her stillness she can hold you ​gently and give you enough space as you question your inner beliefs.

​If you can ​come for two weeks this winter, my home will be your ​center for inquiry. We, my partner and my mother-in-law, as well as our two cats, welcome you to our ​home in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

Take time to start the new decade of 2020 by ​diving inward ​first. ​Replenish your heart and spirit​ through the process of self-inquiry​. And simultaneously, replenish your body with good rest and good food (cooked by me and my family for you).

Migrating birds rest near MacIntyre bluff in the Okanagan, BC.

​This ​Retreat Is Designed for Individual Work

​This retreat is limited to just a few participants, 4-6 maximum. ​You will ​get a lot of personal attention from us as certified facilitators. This allows you to face your beliefs while being held in inquiry by ​people who have a lot of experience doing The Work. ​This ​can be helpful when you want to show up fully for yourself. You are in a very safe environment​.

​We will be doing very little group work. Most of the work you will do will be one-on-one, or in groups of three. The ratio of certified facilitators to participants will not be more than 1 to 2 (if there are more than four participants, we will have ​a third certified facilitator on staff). This allows you to go with confidence into any area with The Work no matter what your experience level​. You will also practice ​working with other participants, becoming stronger and more confident at ​diving deeply with anyone, and holding others to do the same.

​We hope you will find ​in working with us that ​The Work is not only deep ​or serious, but that there is a lot of laughter too. There can be such joy in unraveling a stressful story. ​​What also makes it enjoyable is that we are all equals here, human beings finding our way through life​. As you see through your stories, we see through our stories too, and vice versa. ​This experience of working together as equals has a way of opening the heart very much in my experience.

​There Is No Theme for This Retreat

​This retreat is different from other workshops that I offer. Instead of providing a theme for you, ​we will set you free to follow your own stressful thoughts which will lead you to explore your own themes. Everything is welcome here, no matter how taboo, or full of shame it may be for you, and no matter how painful, or sad, or fearful it may be. This is an opportunity to dive into what is really going on in you. And to use the light of self-inquiry, your own light, to illuminate the darkness.

​And don't think that you have to do The Work on "deep" topics. I have spent much of my life doing The Work on everyday stressful situations. They ​turn out to be no less "deep" than any "biggies" I have ​worked. ​Each ​stressful thought I question moves me, in its own way, towards more peace and balance.

We will support you to write Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheets when appropriate, to make lists of stressful thoughts when appropriate, and to even question self-judgments when appropriate. Everything is fair game in this workshop. We invite you to bring yourself and any stressful stories that are on your mind. ​You can trust this simple process of The Work to hold you safely in anything you want to question.

​We Are Here to Support You to Do The Work

​You will be doing The Work morning, afternoon, and evening each day. And there will be breaks during the day when you can do more work on your own, or rest and absorb what you are learning. ​We will be spending ​more or less six hours ​a day doing The Work. ​

And if you need a break, the structure of the retreat makes it easy for us to be flexible and support you in any way. We live surrounded by beautiful orchards where we can walk, and we can take breaks whenever needed​.

​Because sessions will ​mainly consist of one-on-one work, we are happy to support you in doing The Work in English, German, or Spanish. Any group sessions​ will be conducted in English.

​We Meet and Eat at My House, You Will Sleep Nearby

​Since my house does not have enough room for sleeping, I suggest some nearby bed and breakfast locations below​. You can even stay at our new local hotel​, or find your own accommodations. I live in a small town of less than 5000 people. And I'm happy to drive you ​to and from your accommodations each day, as long as they ​are nearby. 

I am also able to pick you up at the airport in Kelowna, British Columbia (YLW), two hours drive from here, and return you to the airport after the retreat. You are also welcome to rent a car if you prefer.

Breakfast can be optionally taken at your bed and breakfast location, or at my house. ​A hot lunch and dinner will be served at my house.

​Tuition​ and Dates

​The course dates are Fri, Jan 10, 2020, 7:30 PM (please arrive earlier) through Fri, Jan 2020, 12:00 noon.

The cost ​of tuition for ​the workshop is $5,600 CAD (approx. $4,289 USD, €3,864 EUR, $6,248 AUD) + accommodations.

If you are interested in joining us, please ​phone or Skype me, or email me using my contact page. ​

t 802-378-4400
c 802-355-4202
Skype: theworkasmeditation
5595 Yarrow St., Oliver, BC V0H1T9, Canada

​Bed and Breakfast and Hotel Locations Near ​Me

​If you do not rent a car, I will be driving you back and forth to your location each day, so please choose a place near to my house. Here are some options all within 10-minutes of me.

Note, prices on all of these websites are in Canadian dollars. Please use a currency converter to ​convert the prices ​to your currency.

​If you need any support finding accommodations, let me know. I am willing to talk with, or visit, any location near me on your behalf.