Welcome To The Work As Meditation Newsletter: A Way To Stay In The Practice Of The Work

I hate feeling like I have to do something.

I love The Work. But even The Work can become a burden when I push myself.

However, not doing The Work is also no fun. When I don’t do The Work at all, my stressful stories accumulate. What is needed is a gentle reminder system.

The Work As Meditation Newsletter Is A Way To Stay In The Work Without Pushing Yourself

Each week, usually Wednesday or Thursday, you’ll get an email from me. It may be an article about The Work. Or a work session worth sharing. The newsletter’s purpose is to gently remind you of The Work. It says, “Hey! Over here! Remember The Work? Here it is if you want it!”

The articles on this page are a sampling of articles that I have sent out over the years. If you like these articles, you can subscribe to the weekly newsletter using the red button below.

rope and snake 1. What Exactly Is The Work? If you’re new to The Work, or are looking for a way to explain it simply to other people, this article can help.
Read it here.

rafting balance 2. What Exactly Is Balance? Balance is not just flat silence. Real balance is a very dynamic experience. Learn how The Work can help maintain balance in a quickly changing environment. Read the article here.

rafting balance3. Four Reasons To Use A Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet Are you resisting writing a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet? Learn why this is the key tool to use with The Work. Read this article.

trip-wire method 4. The Trip-Wire Method Ready to get started with The Work? Here’s my favorite way to identify a subject to work on.
Read the article here.

happiness 5. Why Happiness Is Never Enough (And How To Find Peace Instead) Have you ever wanted someone to like you? It’s thrilling isn’t it? But how to stay peaceful when they withdraw their love? Read the article here.

ex-husband 6. Three Ways To Make Peace With Your Ex-Husband Do you ever want to just punch your ex-husband? And put up every obstacle in his way. He may even actually deserve it. But who’s that anger really hurting, him or you?
Find out how to make peace again.

argument 7. Are Arguments Ruining Your Relationship? Arguments are bound to happen in almost any relationship. Here’s a way to slow things down and really learn from them. Learn how by reading this article.

perfectionism 8. Perfectionism: Is It Good or Bad? Perfectionism is a double-edged sword, and it seems to do a lot of its damage when we’re at work. Are perfectionistic tendencies causing problems at work for you?
Read the article here.

death and the work9. Keeping The Spirit of The Work Death is a big area of stress. And The Work can help a lot when you’re mourning. Here’s some of what I learned when my mom died. Read about it here.

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