In the Actual Doing of The Work on the Forum, Sometimes the Clarity that Comes Feels Loud and Bright and Other Times Can Feel Quite Mellow, Even Hum-Drum

Edmonton, Alberta

“In the actual doing of the work on the forum, sometimes the clarity that comes feels loud and bright and other times can feel quite mellow, even hum-drum.

But I do notice that the mornings I have been able to sit down for even 10-15 mins to do the work before the rest of my day begins, I am already holding all of my stories more loosely, without even working directly on them. I am already holding the reigns with more kindness and presence, I enjoy my day more, and I am quieter and happier inside.

I also love the connectivity with others that I know not at all, other than by their name and our shared appreciation for inquiry. There is a warm friendliness that does not need to be any more personal that that. And also frankly I love how affordable it is.

And Todd I deeply appreciate you, your clean and light and direct way of communicating and the creativity with which you offer the work! Your product development skills in this area are second to none and I love that for you, for me, and for all of your clients. Keep it up, you have created a niche and it really works for me.”

Edmonton, Alberta

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