“Doing The Work On My Own Has Been Full Of False Starts And Fits

Susan, Phoenix AZ

“Before Slow-Cook Inquiry, I attended two in-person workshops with certified facilitators. One in Seattle. Then I went to one in British Columbia. I tried to combine it with interesting travel. And then I did one full telecourse, and then one telecourse that I kind of dropped. I’ve never been to the School.

“There were a couple of people in the workshops where we agreed to continue doing The Work together afterwards, but then it kind of fizzled out.

“The other work that I’ve done has been listening to Katie on audio. But I hadn’t actually sat down and done a worksheet on my own. I just wouldn’t get to it. Or I would think about it, but I wouldn’t put pen to paper–I wouldn’t convert it into digits.

“Also, I Never Did The Work In A Systematic Way

“I would do The Work in my head, and I would jump immediately to "OK, what’s the opposite of this?" I wouldn’t go through the steps of a worksheet at all. I would just try to identify the stressful thought, skip all the middle, jump to the opposite, then think, "Oh, OK that’s right. Now move on." It was not anything that was lasting.

“I was just thinking an opposite thought, and listening to Katie on audio. So it was very kind of surface level. Whereas Slow-Cook Inquiry really does force you to go much deeper. And it also doesn’t feel like this huge commitment to go deeper, even though it is every day.

“It is a very manageable commitment.

“What? Every Single Day, Five Days A Week? That’s Too Much!

“So on the one hand, it may seem like, "What? Every single day, five days a week? That’s too much!" But for me, it’s much easier to do it that way, and I’m getting to a deeper level too.

“When I was in the in-person workshops, I would also be really rushing through. Just like, "Who would you be without that thought? I’d be freer. I’d be happier. OK, move on, move on, move on."

“I was not all that comfortable with sitting there with silence. Even though I know that’s really good to do. But I didn’t really feel all that comfortable with that. But Slow-Cook Inquiry kind of makes you sit with it all day. So you do get that silence part.

Slow-Cook Inquiry Is A Really Good Structure For Practicing The Work

“I just found that Slow-Cook Inquiry is a really good structure for practicing The Work and being self-disciplined about it. It’s very easy. And for me, the pace is perfect. To take each part of the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet and do one question at a time for a week–it sounds really slow, but it gets you to a deeper level.

“I also like the everydayness of it. And I really like the way Todd provides the example.

“And everybody else’s examples are also very, very helpful to read. It’s a different from hearing other people’s examples, because for me, I don’t even retain a lot of what I hear anymore. I could hear somebody’s example and think, "Oh that’s helpful." But then I might forget it in a day or two, or even less.

Whereas seeing everybody else’s example written out, as you’re contributing you’re own example, makes you able to learn from other people in a much more lasting way.

“I’m Also Sort Of An Off The Scale Introvert

“So Slow-Cook Inquiry works well for me. I’m much more comfortable with this environment. Even though people who meet me probably don’t necessarily know that about me, in terms of my personality. But I am definitely an introvert, and feel much more comfortable with the slower pace of being able to think about it, and then go back to it, and think about it.

“I think Slow-Cook Inquiry is designed to really engender a bigger commitment. For me it has been. And I’m big on not wanting to make commitments. So that’s really saying a lot. It just made it really easy to take on this every day aspect. So that’s a huge benefit.

“And it’s really keeping me focused on what my primary goal is for inner peace. This is a really great way to keep focused with that.

“And I’m Always Checking My E-mail Anyway

“I’m kind of compulsive about that. So it isn’t hard to do. Like "Oh gosh, I have to…" Whereas meditating for me was kind of like that, Oh I have to schedule the meditating in." I don’t have to schedule this in. Because I’ve already scheduled in checking my email compulsively! So that makes it pretty easy.

“I Would Recommend Slow-Cook Inquiry

“I would recommend Slow-Cook Inquiry because it’s a really painless way to develop the self-discipline for using the The Work, where you’re going to get the most benefit from it in a very slow, organic way. And it doesn’t require travel.

“I think it’s a great bargain, five bucks a week! I love it!”

Phoenix, AZ

If you haven’t tried Slow-Cook Inquiry, you’ve got nothing to lose. It only costs $20/month and comes with the “It’s-Not-A-Fit-For-Me” Guarantee. Sign-up for Slow-Cook Inquiry here.

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