Slow-Cook Inquiry Testimonials


Claudia, Scottsdale, Arizona

I Thought It Might Be Boring

Susan, Phoenix

Doing The Work On My Own Has Been Full Of False Starts And Fits I would do The Work in my head, and I would jump immediately to “OK, what’s the opposite of this?” I wouldn’t go through the steps of a worksheet at all. I would just try to identify the stressful thought, skip all the middle, jump to the opposite, then think, “Oh, OK that’s right. Now move on.” It was not anything that was lasting. I was just thinking an opposite thought, and listening to Katie on audio. So it was very kind of surface level. Whereas Slow-Cook Inquiry really does force you to go much deeper. And it also doesn’t feel like this huge commitment to go deeper, even though it is every day. It is a very manageable commitment. Read more here.


Barbara, Germany

But I’m Really, Really Busy…

Cheryl, San Diego

I Thought Slow-Cook Inquiry Might be Too Slow It seemed like “Wow, we are going to spend 2 months going through one worksheet!” That seemed too slow. How is that going to work? How are you going to stay interested? How will the issue stay alive for you that long? I love doing only a little tidbit everyday. For me, I know I just have to do a little bit and then even through the weekend I want to do it everyday. Now I am in the groove and I want to do a little bit everyday. Read more here.

Isabelle, Edmonton, Alberta

In the Actual Doing of The Work on the Forum, Sometimes the Clarity that Comes Feels Loud and Bright and Other Times Can Feel Quite Mellow, Even Hum-Drum In the actual doing of the work on the forum, sometimes the clarity that comes feels loud and bright and other times can feel quite mellow, even hum-drum. But I do notice that the mornings I have been able to sit down for even 10-15 mins to do the work before the rest of my day begins, I am already holding all of my stories more loosely, without even working directly on them. Read more here.

If you haven’t tried Slow-Cook Inquiry, you’ve got nothing to lose. It only costs $20/month and comes with the “It’s-Not-A-Fit-For-Me” Guarantee. Sign-up for Slow-Cook Inquiry here.