Finding the Door to Inquiry

Finding the Door to Inquiry: How to Discover a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet in any Situation Have you ever had trouble finding the thought behind the stress? Most of the time it’s easy to do. But sometimes you may find yourself thinking, “How the heck can I write a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet on this situation?” This book introduces eleven different ways to find who you’re blaming, besides yourself.
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Session Recordings

Over 40 hours of unedited recordings of The Work in action, as recorded during the Two-Hour Taste of The Work sessions. View complete descriptions of each call and order copies of the ones you want here ($9.99 each): Recordings of the Two-Hour Taste of The Work.

1. I want him to come back “I want him to come back,” mp3 audio download 28 minutes. Recording of a client questioning the concept, “I want him to come back,” regarding her ex-boyfriend. She experiences some difficulty answering the question “Who would you be without that thought?” Listen as Todd approaches this question from several angles, before she is able to answer it. Watch the video, or purchase the audio here.

Note: The client and I both use swear words in this dialogue, including the “F” word. If you are offended by this kind of speech, please do not listen to this session.

2. He stopped loving me “He stopped loving me,” mp3 audio download 1 hour and 17 minutes. Recording of a client working through a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet about an ex-boyfriend that she ran into by accident. Watch the video or purchase the audio here.

3. “Mom tried to control me,” mp3 audio download 35 min. Recording of Todd as a client working on an old stressful thought about his mother. The situation was when he was first in college and his mom booked plane tickets home for every vacation. He thought it was controlling. Listen to the recording to see his discoveries many years after the stressful event.

“Mom Tried To Control Me” Audio Recording $9

Teleconference Recordings

May 2012: Stressful Thoughts About Father mp3 audio download 1 hour 24 minutes. This is a teleconference that has just one participant. As a result, we got a chance to go deeper into her worksheet. The first half hour of the recording is as step-by-step instruction for filling out a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet on fathers. You’ll get some very helpful hints for how to listen to the questions on the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet, and answer them from a place of depth. In the next section, the participant will facilitate Todd to give you an idea of how the four questions of The Work are be used. There is an especially valuable explanation of how to find a genuine answer, when answering questions 1 and 2. The remaining time focuses on facilitation of the concepts, “Dad should want to come visit me,” and “I want him to value our time together.” If you are new to The Work, this an excellent introduction to The Work. It is highly recommended as a way to get familiar with the process of self-inquiry. Read original teleconference description here.

May 2012 Teleconference Recording $8

April 2012: Stressful Thoughts About Mother mp3 audio download 1 hour 28 minutes. First section of the call is filling out a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet on mothers together. Todd gives tips on how to fill in the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. The next section is popcorn facilitation in a group, working the concept “Mom doesn’t care about me.” The last section is a one-on-one facilitation with one participant on the concept, “I need Mom to really examine my point of view.” Great intro to The Work.

April 2012 Teleconference Recording $8