Personal Retreats with Todd

Would you like to get away for a day, a weekend, or longer, and just focus on The Work? Here’s an opportunity to do The Work one-on-one with me as a guest in our home in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada. Room and board is included. My partner and I will pick you up at the airport, cook for you, and make you feel at home while you’re here. Available over a weekend or during week days.

If you are new to The Work, this is also a great way to learn The Work in a distraction-free environment.

Spend as many days as you like enjoying good insights, good food, and good rest in our home.

Now also available virtually online with Zoom. You get the same retreat structure from the comfort of your own home. Please note that some time zones may find this difficult. My schedule remains the same here in Pacific Time. The schedule may not work in your time zone. Please contact me if you have questions. For virtual retreats, I offer a discount of $100 CAD per day.

Note, I used to be in Vermont and before that in California. You may find references to this in some of the testimonials.

Logistical Questions

What if I’m Not Vegetarian?
My partner and I are both vegetarian. If you do not want to join us for meals, that’s OK. There are many good restaurants within ten minutes drive of my house in downtown Burlington.

What Time Should I Arrive?
If you are driving, please plan to arrive at 6:30 PM on the evening that your retreat starts. We will eat at 6:45 PM, and the evening session will begin at 7:30 PM. If you are flying into Kelowna International Airport (YLW), my partner or I will be happy to pick you up (we’re two hours drive from the airport). Please plan to arrive by mid to late afternoon on the day your retreat begins.

Can I stay an extra night?
Yes, sometimes it’s easier to catch a morning flight. If you want to stay at our house one more night, we charge an extra $70.

Can I do extra days of The Work?
Yes, you can do as many days of doing The Work together as you like, the cost is $600/day. Please contact me to arrange a customized retreat to suite your schedule.

Can Todd Travel to me?
Yes, depending on my availability, I sometimes do travel to my clients around the world. You will need to cover all of my travel and living expenses during the trip. In addition, you will pay $600/day for each day that I am with you and for each travel day as well. For example, if I come to your house for five days, and it takes me one day to travel to you and one day to travel back to my house, then the total is five days + two travel days = seven days billed at $600/day + all travel and living expenses during the trip.

What should I Bring to British Columbia?
Please plan to dress according to the season. We have a mildly cold winter with some snow, and a hot but dry summer. Bring comfortable walking shoes, or boots in the winter, and an optional swim suit in the summer to swim in the beautiful Canadian lakes here.

Pack clothes that you feel comfortable in. We’ll be sitting most of the time doing The Work inside. Temperatures may vary but we tend to keep the house warm. We live with my partner’s mother, age 85, and she likes it warm. In the winter, bring a sweater and warm socks, as well as a good winter coat, scarf, gloves, and hat.

You may want to bring a notebook. I will provide worksheets for you. Please bring a pen.

Please plan to turn your phone off, and to be disconnected from the computer while you’re on your retreat.

Here’s another client’s experience.



“The thought of spending an entire weekend doing nothing but inquiry seemed both exciting and daunting to me at the same time. I naturally like to challenge myself, to “lean in” to discomfort, but what if it was too much for me? What if I got bored? What if I didn’t work well with Todd? So many thoughts! (So really, I was going to the right place).

“I was a bit nervous about staying in the personal home of Todd with both him and his partner, two people I’d never met in person before. What if they didn’t like me? What if I didn’t like them? What if I didn’t like their home? The food they prepared? The bed? The bathroom? etc. I’d always been raised to be a gracious guest when in someone else’s home and despite me having paid for the retreat, I felt it was much harder to complain about something to the homeowner than a hotel front desk.

“Then there was the 8 hour drive for me to get there. Todd had offered to pick me up at the airport if I was arriving by plane, though I chose to drive. I like road trips, and solo ones at that, but I experienced a challenge along the way that took me for a detour on an unepxected ferry ride (kind universe, it was lovely), though left me a bit panicked as I hate being late (and I was by 20 minutes).

“When I finally arrived, Todd was waiting outside to greet me with a warm smile and welcome. I immediately felt more comfortable. I was shown to my room and given a full tour of the house with direction on where to find things. I met his partner who was also friendly and welcoming and sat down to a dinner that surprised and delighted me – so yummy! In fact, the meals continued to be super delicious. I looked forward to them every day and by the end of the weekend noticed an improvement in my digestion (bonus!) My room was quaint and comfortable, the bathroom clean and spacious, perfect for what I needed.

“After dinner we sat down to Work. I immediately connected with Todd’s style of facilitating. I felt comfortable, supported and free to do the Work in the way I like to do it. I continued to experience this throughout the weekend. The amount of time we spent doing The Work did at times feel like a lot to me, however, Todd offered to change things up with some excursions as it was a beautiful summer weekend. We rode bikes (I borrowed one from Todd) down a gorgeous bike path (which turned out to be great for my morning run), and sat near the lake for more inquiry. What I learned over the weekend was it was my time, and I could ask for what I wanted. If I needed a break that wasn’t scheduled, I could ask for it. If I wanted a change of scenery, I could ask. Todd was super flexible and accommodating throughout.

“When the weekend was over and it was time to leave I felt like I definitely got what I came for – some good, deep insights through the immersion, a supportive and helpful faciltiator, and a relaxing weekend away just for me. I would highly recommend the weekend retreat with Todd to anyone, and Todd as a faciliatator, period. I would definitely do the retreat again.”

Typical Weekend Schedule


6:30 PM Arrival
6:45 PM Dinner
7:30 AM – 8:45 PM Session with Todd (1.25 hrs)


7:30 AM Meditation, walking, reading or doing The Work on your own
9:00 AM Breakfast (home-cooked, lacto-vegetarian, Ayurvedic meal served)
9:30 AM – 12:00 noon Session with Todd (2.5 hrs)

12:00 noon – 1:00 PM Lunch (home-cooked, lacto-vegetarian, Ayurvedic meal served)

1:00 PM – 2:45 PM Session with Todd (1.75 hrs)
2:45 PM – 3:00 PM Break
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM Session with Todd (1.5 hrs)

5:00 PM to 6:30 PM Meditation, or walking, or resting, or working on your own
6:30 PM Dinner (home-cooked, lacto-vegetarian, Ayurvedic meal served)
7:30 PM – 8:45 PM Session with Todd (1.25 hrs)


7:30 AM Meditation, walking, reading or doing The Work on your own
9:00 AM Breakfast (home-cooked, lacto-vegetarian, Ayurvedic meal served)
9:30 AM – 12:00 noon Session with Todd (2.5 hrs)

12:00 noon – 1:00 PM Lunch (home-cooked, lacto-vegetarian, Ayurvedic meal served)

1:00 PM – 2:45 PM Session with Todd (1.75 hrs)
2:45 PM – 3:00 PM Break
3:00 PM – 4:15 PM Session with Todd (1.25 hrs)

4:15 PM to 4:30 PM Closing
4:30 PM Departure

Total 13.75 hours session time.

Please contact me to arrange your retreat dates with me.


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Phone-Free Weekend Personal Retreat
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 3 reviews
by Angela on Phone-Free Weekend Personal Retreat
Phone Free Weekend: Warmth, Serenity and Questioning My Story in Vermont

While I have been to two Schools for the Work with Katie, I had not truly committed to a regular practice of The Work in my life. I felt the weight of those not-so-secret fears and beliefs within my being and I felt they were not only holding onto me, but were holding me back. I decided to commit to the Phone-Free Weekend with Todd to address some of those fears and beliefs.

Initially, I had some fears that anyone would have by committing to such an excursion. I did not know Todd and I did consider that it might be awkward to spend an entire weekend in the home he shares with his partner. However, the louder, inner-knowing within assured me that Todd is a kind, kindred spirit. Knowing that Todd has spent so much time with Katie and is so committed to The Work meant that somehow I could trust him even though I did not actually know him. My inner-knowing was right.

Todd arranges a very thoughtful weekend for his guests. Todd picked me up from the airport, which allows for an immediate ease and sense of being cared for to start the weekend.. - As soon as I met Todd, what overwhelmed me is his gentle warmth. He immediately assuaged any concerns I had about what it would be like to spend a weekend doing The Work with him. He is someone that you immediately feel comfortable with; someone who lets you know it is okay to just BE YOU. Todd is a kindred spirit.

Once we arrived at Todd's house, I was embraced by the tranquility, comfort and ease that fills the very air in Todd's home. I couldn't believe how serene Todd's home is... the view, the constant warmth of the fire, the quiet, the peace, the comfort of each perfectly and thoughtfully prepared meal... It was all perfection- down to the bed in "my room", that embraced me in a way that made me feel like God was literally hugging me.... It was clear to me from the moment I stepped into his home that Todd had created a warm, safe, tranquil space for me to spend questioning some of my scariest thoughts. The home- and Todd- could not have been more welcoming. (At one point, Todd told me that the weekend was about me. I should feel completely at home and make myself completely comfortable. He said that he and his partner, Blaine, were committed to supporting me so that I got what I needed out of the weekend. I can absolutely confirm that Todd and Blaine lived that commitment).

I soon met Todd's partner, Blaine, who is an extraordinary person. He is kind, warm and welcoming. He is also quite funny, but also completely supportive of The Work and the weekend I was experiencing. - I consider Blaine an extra gift from the weekend; someone I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know and someone I am pleased to now consider a friend. (Please Note: Blaine has a lot to do with the decorating in his and Todd's home. His ability to create a warm, yet sophisticated space is exceptional).

The comfort of being in Todd's home was only one element that allowed for such an extraordinary weekend. Todd, himself, is also a gift. Doing The Work with Todd was one of the most fulfilling experiences I've had since I discovered The Work. Because Todd is open, kind, and compassionate, I gave no second thought to being completely open and raw when it came to my Work. However, it wasn't just my openness that allowed for the depth I experienced during my time with Todd, it was his mastery as a guide. When you do the Work with Todd, you discover his patience and his ability to supportively hold the space for you to explore what needs to be seen. Todd will also gently, and ever-so-softly, guide you when you need it and give you openness and space when you don't. I will say it again: Todd is a MASTER at The Work. Because of Todd, I broke free of some deep beliefs and fears that I had been holding onto for many years (even though I had done The Work on them before).

It has been a few weeks since my Phone Free Weekend with Todd, however, the experience continues to live within me. I not only experienced a release of some deeply held beliefs while I was doing The Work with Todd, I have continued to experience the serenity that comes with living my life free from those beliefs. The weekend also awakened in me a renewed commitment and desire to make The Work a regular practice in my life. That is a living gift that the weekend continues to give me.

Overall, it is difficult to fully express the meaning the Phone-Free Weekend holds for me. I believe it is a sacred experience to sit with another human being—open and exposed, raw and real—and feel loved and supported as you find your way out of the darkness and into the Light. Todd was that love and support for me; He helped me find the light... I carry that in my heart. I always will.

by Donna on Phone-Free Weekend Personal Retreat
The Gift of My Retreat With Todd

After impulsively signing up for my personal retreat with Todd, the doubt and resistance thoughts ran the typical loop though my head, torturing me with second thoughts. “Am I ready for this? Can I do this?” “Will I have anything real to work on?” “Was I too impulsive?” “I don’t know what I am doing!” “Will I feel comfortable in someone’s home that I don’t know?” “Am I being selfish taking time away from my family and spending money?” “Will he judge me?” “Will he think I am good enough?” Yet, somehow, that quiet still place in me trusted that this was what I was meant to do. And so I went.

I have been “working” on myself for a long time, exploring varied healing and self “enlightenment” practices and philosophies, and reading extensively. The catalyst for this most recent journey was when a good friend gave me Byron Katie's book, Loving What Is, as a gift. It resonated on such a deep level that I immediately navigated Byron Katie’s web site, where I noticed the certified facilitator link. Curiosity compelled me to look at practitioners in places familiar to me, and I immediately was drawn to Todd’s web site and offerings. The professionalism of his web site appealed to me; this was clearly a dedicated man who took his craft seriously, and his blog, “The Work as Meditation”, sold me. Here was someone authentic, who was willing to be vulnerable and to whom I could relate. As soon as I saw his retreat offerings, I didn’t take any time to mull it over, but impulsively signed up for a retreat to take place in about two weeks.

On so many levels, I feel that connecting with Todd was serendipity. From the moment I arrived, I felt the peaceful energy of his home, nestled privately on the Winooski River. Todd and his partner, Blaine, were very welcoming. I felt comfortable in their home and I basked in the loving energy of their connected and respectful partnership. I enjoyed Blaine’s sense of humor which brought out a side of me I hadn’t seen in quite a long time. The daily routine starts early and includes 3 sessions with Todd, all meals, a comfortable bed in a private room, interesting conversation, humor and time for a daily walk and meditation (if you chose to do so). Despite the full days, I did not feel rushed or exhausted. In fact I felt exhilarated by the electronics free time! Meals are all freshly and simply prepared vegetarian food. The food was so delicious that I asked for recipes to try at home although I am not a vegetarian (and I followed through and bought ingredients to do so!).

Todd was a very effective facilitator and teacher for me because he was able to relate The Work to me on an intellectual and emotional level. As a newbie, with no practice whatsoever, I felt Todd's support and genuine care. He is extremely open, authentic and compassionate. It is obvious that he is an experienced facilitator and consummate professional, and that he has practiced and internalized this work over a long period of time. In fact, he shared he has been practicing the work for 10 years and it shows. He has developed his own set of writings to support his clients’ Work which address varied situations and allow for deeper contemplation. His supportive and gentle approach and manner, treating me as an equal and with compassion, enabled me to be open and vulnerable, and to experience several realizations which enabled me to feel a sense of personal freedom that is difficult to explain. The time flew by far too fast!

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this retreat, and definitely believe that it was an important step forward in my personal growth. I left feeling comfortable enough to begin to do the work on my own (even though I signed up for Todd’s online forums to maintain disciplined practice), and felt energized and joyful. The day after I arrived home, I was standing in my kitchen looking out the window watching the birds flitting through the trees against a clear blue sky. Everything looked so much more beautiful and I felt a sense of peace and freedom knowing that I had unlocked some truths, learned fresh insights and most importantly, that I had this powerful tool available to me as I continued on my journey through this life. I also felt I had been given a gift – including the gift of having met both Todd and Blaine, for which I offer daily gratitude.

by Heather on Phone-Free Weekend Personal Retreat
Phone-free weekend

I spent the weekend with Todd because I wanted to learn how to do The Work and I felt like I needed a jump start to my practice. This is exactly what I got! Todd is a great facilitator. He is so kind and knowledgeable. His gentle style was just what I was looking for. Not only did I learn how to do the work but I also made some huge steps towards changing my painful stories about my career, health and relationships. Todd and his partner have a beautiful, relaxing home on the river. I felt like I was on vacation! They were both so welcoming and made me feel right at home. I highly recommend the phone-free weekend for anyone looking to learn more about how to do the work!

Please contact me to arrange your retreat dates with me.