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Inquiry Circle Annual Retreat – Chamonix, France

Open to Inquiry Circle Members Only

Please join us for a week of in-depth training in The Work, and a chance to meet and work in person with the members of our Inquiry Circle group.

Our group of dedicated Inquiry Circle members goes deeply into The Work every day on the forum. To a large degree, we already know each other, and I believe that we can support each other in a very special way together in person.

Here's What We'll Be Doing Together

Each day we meeting together to do The Work and other exercises related to The Work. We will spend time on the following topics (this may also be adjusted depending on what would be most useful for everyone):

Dealing with Grief
Dealing with self-attack
Improving facilitation skills
Doing The Work on each other
Cooperation and vulnerability within Inquiry Circle
Practicing saying no and yes
Performance anxiety
Identifying stressful thoughts to question
Exploring big topic areas together, such money, health, etc.

Each day, we will spend time together as a group and paired up with partners. We may also include the option for solo work in written form for those who want it (they can then come back and share what they found with the group).

​Pricing and Logistics

​Lodging: ​We will be meeting at Sophie's home in the beautiful French Alps (town of Chamonix). As many as possible will be staying at Sophie's house. There are also airbnb's, and hotels, and campgrounds nearby. If there is a large group, we will rent additional chalets together and share the expenses fairly.

​Food: We will be cooking together a lot, possibly going out too. Food costs will be shared fairly at the event itself.

Tuition for ​eight days: $700 CAD (approx. €457 EUR, $518 USD, $742 AUD). If you can't come for the whole course, contact me for a discount for attending for fewer days.

Travel: The closest airport is in Geneva, Switzerland, about an hour's drive from Chamnoix. You are responsible for your own transportation. We are happy to help you get in touch with others who want to ride share.

Check in/out: Check in ​is at 5 PM on ​Monday, July 29, and check out is at 10 AM on Tuesday, Aug 6. There will be an evening session on ​July 29, and an early morning session on Aug 6.

I want as many members of Inquiry Circle to join as possible. For this reason, scholarships are available to anyone who needs help. Even if you generally have money, but have not budgeted properly for this course, you may apply for a scholarship. Please don't make money be a reason for not coming. I am lifting limits on scholarships for this course only, so question any thought that would stop you from applying for a scholarship.

Non-Inquiry Circle members, please join Inquiry Circle before applying (prerequisite for joining Inquiry Circle is to complete The Work 101).