2nd Annual Inquiry Circle Retreat – Aug 30 – Sep 6, 2020

Sailboat on Lake Champlain

This year, we will meet on the shores of Lake Champlain, in Burlington Vermont.​

Join Us for Deep Work and Togetherness

In 2019, we came together for the first time in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in the French Alps. We had been working together online in Inquiry Circle for years, so this was not a retreat of strangers. We all knew each other well from doing The Work on the Inquiry Circle forum, but many of us had never met in person.

We shared together, cooked together, went on outings together, worked together, were vulnerable with each other, and did The Work on each other. We became closer and closer as the week went on and we didn't want it to end.

Luckily it doesn't end because we are all members of Inquiry Circle. So after the retreat we continue to deepen our work and our connections with each other as we live our lives around the globe.

Hiking in the beautiful French Alps during the first Inquiry Circle Annual Retreat.​

The 2nd Annual Inquiry Circle Retreat

This year, we will not be in the French Alps, but rather on the shores of beautiful Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont. We have rented a retreat facility right on the lake from Aug 30 to Sep 6, 2020. Our food will be catered this time.

If you've never been to Vermont in the summer, it is heaven: lush green, not hot yet not cold, with great walking and swimming. I lived in this town for a few years, and my father still lives there.

We will be staying at Rock Point Center, shown below right on the lake.

The center on the lake.

Rock Point Center, Burlington, Vermont

​Guest accommodations at Rock Point Center are best described as "hostel style." Rooms are tastefully appointed and clean with shared bathrooms, common space, and access to a basic kitchen. Some of the rooms have gorgeous views of Lake Champlain, while others have serene wooded views. 

The cost per person for the venue (including room and board):

Double room: $821.66 USD   ​(approx. $1,036.53 ​CAD, ​€676.27 EUR, $1,058.71 AUD)
Single room: $1136.66 USD   ​(approx. $1,433.91 ​CAD, ​​€935.53 EUR, $1,464.59 AUD)

The cost for tuition:

$700 CAD ​ (approx. $555 USD, €457 EUR, $715 AUD)

view of the rooms at Rock Point Center

Hostel style rooms at Rock Point Center


For everyone familiar with Inquiry Circle, we have only one thing that holds us together: doing The Work of Byron Katie on an ongoing basis. During the Inquiry Circle Annual Retreat, we will simply be doing The Work. That is the only agenda.

But we will be doing a lot of The Work. We meet in pairs to do The Work together. And we meet together as a group to do The Work and to share what we are learning.

I think you will find that it is a nice balance between doing The Work and enjoying a restful time together. Each day we take breaks to walk, maybe swim, and to rest and eat. 

Reviews from Last Year

​Read the experiences of the participants below.

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Inquiry Circle Annual Retreat
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Choi on Inquiry Circle Annual Retreat
The best!!! Hands down.

Hands down. The best work retreat I’ve ever attended. I feel like I finally got the missing pieces of the puzzle. The nuances of the work I finally found here. Just amazing.

The hospitality, Todd’s guidance, our hearts opening together, deep deep learning and connection. Such unexpected gifts. Truly transforming. My top Priority to attend next year.

by Sybille on Inquiry Circle Annual Retreat
like Turnaround House - but much more fun

It was just amazing. I have known Todd since 2013, when I was in Turnaround House and he was my facilitator. When I heard: Todd goes to the desert in 2016 - I followed. Now I did the same. Go and see Todd. And there was much more for me to find: Sophie's hospitality, comradeship, real sharing, deep learning, lots of laughter, real friendship, music, hiking in the high Alps, beauty everywhere, helping each other and trying to find out about the other.

We really came to trust each other to show up really vulnerable, did partner work together and Todd was always available, open and willing to help. Certainly my best event of all and much much better, than I expected.

And the price was unbeatable - as Todd cooked mainly, and we shared tidying the kitchen and all we had to pay for was the supermarket bill divided by 6.

I hope, you get hooked for next time and I will see you there.

by Maria on Inquiry Circle Annual Retreat

To be with that small group in Chamonix was one of my deepest experiences in doing The Work.

I am still full of love and gratitude. What a great time we had together. I just can recommend this workshop (or any other with Todd).

And I want you to know: Not speaking English well is no problem and no obstacle to participate.

Todd is able to facilitate you in great depth – with no limits. He can go with you as far as you want.

by Susan on Inquiry Circle Annual Retreat
Simply amazing

I can't recommend this retreat enough. Todd's gentle, friendly patience helped me find worksheets I'd been looking for for years. Meeting others from Inquiry Circle was incredible and has helped me deepen my daily practice and on top of all that, it was just fun - we shared so much warmth and laughter.

by Sophie on Inquiry Circle Annual Retreat
Amazing Retreat

The retreat was just amazing. Beyond my expectations: I was sure it would be fun and profound but it went beyond that, I really enjoyed it on many levels. It was such a privilege to be with 5 other members of Inquiry Circle, finally meeting them in person. They were already familiar but, there together, we met and shared what is hard to say through written words and even spoken work or open sessions. The magic of presence. The moments of silence, shared silence. It was the "real deal" as we joked about!!! And we joked about many things, many situations, on ourselves too. We saw our innocence and were able to share feedback. We did many facilitations as client and as facilitators and I learned tons.

I thank Todd for being always so available, for organizing the best possible retreat. I have the idea that the next one will be another wonderful one. I cannot wait to be there and cannot wait to meet you all: new participants and the one who couldn't come this time.

Join Us This Year

In order to participate in the Inquiry Circle Annual Retreat, you must be a member of Inquiry Circle. And the prerequisite for joining Inquiry Circle is to take The Work 101 online course for learning and deepening The Work. So if you're thinking of joining our amazing group of people who love to do The Work, start by taking The Work 101. Then join Inquiry Circle. Then you will be eligible to meet with us at this retreat each year.

The First Annual Inquiry Circle Retreat was the highlight of my year last year. And I can't wait to do it again ​this year. I'd love to have you with us. You've got time to complete The Work 101 and join Inquiry Circle before it comes around again.

Please sign up from within Inquiry Circle.

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