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I Need To Eat Something Sweet, Is That True?

I can resist everything but temptation!

A Client Recently Questioned, "I Need To Eat Something Sweet"

The situation was when he was driving home after eating out with friends. He was full, but the thought came, “I need to eat something sweet.” So he decided to question it. We spent an hour questioning just this one thought.

Here’s a short version of the session.

How He Reacts While Believing This Thought

While he was under the influence of the thought, “I need to eat something sweet,” here are a few of his reactions.

  • Started going on autopilot
  • Started thinking of specific treats to eat
  • Justifying needing sweets to feel better
  • Self-judging for not having better control
  • Wanting to use force to create a better lifestyle
  • Feeling victimized
  • Exaggerating the desire to make it seem unbearable
  • Thinking the only way to get rid of it is to eat

Without The Thought

Imagining who he would be without the thought, “I need to eat something sweet,” here’s what he found.

  • Feeling the fullness of dinner already there
  • Thinking about other things, other interests
  • Noticing other sensations such as cold hands
  • More present
  • Feeling much freer

And I Love The List of Turnarounds

Turnaround: I don’t need to eat something sweet. 

  • Already plenty of calories in the body
  • Had a sweet at the end of the meal
  • Already full
  • It’s just a sensation, not even that strong
  • Don’t want to feel stuffed

Turnaround: I need to not eat something sweet.

  • To sleep better
  • To work better
  • For the mind to function better
  • To explore other ways of experiencing fulfillment 

Turnaround: I need to eat something sour or bitter or pungent.

  • Maybe its just a need for more protein
  • Or probiotics
  • Maybe there as a different flavor missing in the food
  • Sometimes bitter stops the sweet craving

Turnaround: I need to listen to something sweet.

  • Listening to music
  • Talking to a friend
  • Walking in nature
  • Listening to a good podcast

Turnaround: I need to see something sweet.

  • Watching a funny video
  • Reading something sweet
  • Being with a friend

Turnaround: I need to smell something sweet.

  • The night air
  • Aromas
  • Clean sheets

Turnaround: I need to do something sweet.

  • Planning a gift for someone
  • Writing a kind note to someone
  • Volunteering
  • Thinking of something generous to do
  • Meditating
  • Doing The Work

I Found these Turnarounds Fascinating

There were so many options that opened up. So many ways to experience the craving besides eating something more.

I think there could be many more possible examples for these turnarounds too. I invite you to find more.

Or even better, wait for a similar situation to happen to you, where you think you need to eat something sweet even though you are already full. Go through all four questions and the turnarounds for this thought, “I need to eat something sweet.” Test it out and find your own way of answering the questions.

Make this kind of questioning a habit in your life as a part of our community. Question your stressful thoughts. Open your mind and your heart beyond what you think is even possible.

“The body is never our problem. Our problem is always a thought that we innocently believe. The Work deals with our thinking, not with the object that we think we’re addicted to. There is no such thing as an addiction to an object; there is only an attachment to the uninvestigated concept arising in the moment.”