Facilitation Sessions

Free Weekly Webinar – Ask questions and do The Work with Todd.

Work privately with Todd connecting by video conference or phone.

Group work with Todd at one of his upcoming events.

There are two ways to do The Work:

  1. On your own
  2. With a facilitator

Doing The Work with a facilitator is very helpful when you’re learning how to question what you think. A facilitator is there to bring you back to the questions when the mind moves away from them. When you get stuck, a facilitator can support you keep looking for your answers.

You Have the Answers

A facilitator is just there to support you to support yourself.

Do The Work with Todd in private sessions, virtual retreats, or Open Sessions.

Here are ways to work with other facilitators to do The Work of Byron Katie:

Byron Katie’s free Do The Work Helpline

Do The Work with Other Certified Facilitators

Attend Events with Byron Katie

Attend Events with Other Certified Facilitators