Courses and Events

Dealing with Grief Workshop –  Last offered in Austria, Sep 20-27, 2019 (next course dates and location to be announced), €1200 EUR (approx. $1,326 USD, £1,033 GBP, $1,753 CAD) – room and board included. Address the root cause of grief by questioning the thinking that causes it. During our stay in the beautiful countryside of southeastern Austria, we will learn from each other what thoughts are stressing each of us. And we spend a lot of time supporting each other to question these thoughts.

Inquiry Circle Annual Retreat2020 dates and location to be announced, $700 CAD (approx. $530 USD, €479 EUR, $787 AUD + accommodations. For Inquiry Circle members only. Spend eight days doing The Work together in person. We will build on the momentum we have created together from our daily practice in Inquiry Circle. Topics and exercises are designed specifically for our group. There will also be a non-work outing day just for fun. If you are not a member of Inquiry Circle, start by taking The Work 101.

Personal Retreats with Todd. Spend a weekend or longer doing The Work one-on-one with me as a guest in my home in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada. We’ll find some days that work for both of us. $600/day CAD (approx. $454 USD, €411 EUR, $674 AUD per day)