Coronavirus Fears: Weekly FREE 2-Hour Online Workshops – Discontinued for Now

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Can you face an ominous storm cloud peacefully and with courage?

Thank You to All Who Participated

The following describes the eight workshops that we did together during the quarantine. I am no longer offering these workshops at this time.

I will leave the description below in case we do them again. In the meantime, join me for my regular Open Sessions, which are also free online-sessions of The Work.

Is the Coronavirus Threat Causing You Stress?

With the constant coverage of the COVID-19 virus spreading around the world, and the worldwide panic that has gone with it, how are your stress levels?

Are you feeling fear, anxiety, or panic in any way? Do you see images of an apocalyptic future? Do you stand frozen not knowing what to do or where to run?

These are all signs that your thinking is starting to create a story that is larger than life. Taking precautions is a rational thing to do, but spinning stories of the worst case scenarios can make the experience much worse than it needs to be. Stress actually reduces the mind’s ability to think clearly and act constructively.

So Let’s Deal with the Stressful Thinking

I’ve been practicing an elegant system of self-inquiry since 2007 called The Work of Byron Katie. It’s strength lies in identifying emotional thinking and questioning it in a very simple way. The result for me is usually a shift on the emotional level from fear, sadness, or anger towards peace and clarity.

When I question my stressful thinking, I start to see more options. I start to see a more balanced perspective of the same situation. And I become freer to act in a constructive way.

Let’s use The Work of Byron Katie to question all the stressful thoughts around the coronavirus story.

We Meet Live Online for 2 Hours Each Time

This is a free workshop so everyone can participate. We usually have 50-100 people on the call from all over the world.

Let’s gather together and identify all of the stressful thoughts we are having around the coronavirus issue. And then let’s question as many of them as we have time to question in two hours.

I will be facilitating anyone who would like to question their stressful thoughts during this time. I will also be giving directions on how to do The Work of Byron Katie on your own.

After the two-hour workshop, you will optionally receive contact info for anyone in the group who would like to continue doing The Work on this issue one-on-one by phone, Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom.

In this way, we can all support each other to deal with the root fears that the COVID-19 scare brings up in all of us: the fear of suffering, the fear of death, the fear of lack of control, and many more. After the course, you will have a small group of others who are willing to sit and question the stressful thinking surrounding the coronavirus issue.

And you will also be welcome to email me any follow-up questions after the workshop.


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The Work As Meditation
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 27 reviews
by Kerstin Österberg on The Work As Meditation
Coronavirus workshop Saturday 25/4 2020

Todd is a calm, confident facilitator and listener. The workshop is amazing. I an so grateful.

by Jane P on The Work As Meditation
Thank you

Todd is awesome at this. I found it v helpful and enjoyable. Will join again. Thank you. 🙂

by Valli on The Work As Meditation
Peaceful Magic

Todd is an excellent Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie, meeting you right where you are. He is compassionate, patient and a deep listener, holding space for you to find your own answers and solutions. I can highly recommend his sessions and workshops.

Thank you so much Todd for your generosity, your Love and peaceful magic!

by kate soudant on The Work As Meditation

I was only able to attend the first workshop. Hopefully I will be able to attend this Sat - 11th. I found the initial participants to be quite lengthly and not having much to do with my particular issue. You are very very patient and I learned that I am not I also was not (for some odd reason) feeling stressed at all about this pandemic. However, the last single woman who spoke, while I was not in same state, learned that being single could be a reenforced my feeling about my own current situation...I am liking the solitude and freedom. Thank you Todd...I am VERY impressed on your ability to do this 'WORK'.

by Claire on The Work As Meditation

I was lucky enough to stumble across Todd and his website last year. This man has helped me to completely change my life by creating and fostering an amazing space to do The Work every day.

If you are new to The Work or just new to Todd and stumbling across him yourself, now is the perfect time to get to know him, his blog and his offerings.

He's a diamond and absolutely great at what he does.

Many, many thanks Todd x

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