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Circular Logic – Is It a Bad Thing?

Gears go around and around in a circle. But they can still be quite useful.

I Notice Circular Logic in My Work Sometimes

Circular logic means that you begin with what you are trying to end with. For example, “The Pope is infallible. Why? Because everything he says is true.”

It sounds true only if you already believe it’s true. But the logic being used doesn’t actually prove anything.

Here’s How it Shows up for Me

Let’s say I’m working the thought, “He yelled at me.” And I come to the turnaround, “He yelled at me! Yay! How is that a good thing?”

An example of this turnaround that shows circular logic would be, “It’s a good thing that he yelled at me because it’s getting me to do The Work on it.”

This logic can be satisfying because I am already convinced that doing The Work is a good thing. However, it does not really add anything new. Quoting The Work as an example when doing The Work does not really satisfy me.

I much prefer an outside example like, “It’s good that he yelled at me because it gave him a chance to get it off his chest.” Or “It’s good that he yelled at me because it got me out of my selfish focus.”

But Is Circular Logic a Bad Thing?

For me, circular logic still sometimes works. First of all, I’m in favor of any reason to let go of feeling stressed, not matter how circular it may be.

Also, sometimes I can’t find any other examples, so it’s better than nothing.

And finally, quoting The Work as an example when doing The Work does have some real meaning for me. I really do learn a ton when I do The Work. So it is a good thing that I get faced with situations where someone yells at me. It is a catalyst for my growth. (Note, this is still purely circular but it is somewhat satisfying).

And once I enjoy my circular example, I keep looking for other non-circular examples that may be even more satisfying.

“For each turnaround, find three genuine examples of how the turnaround is true in your life. This is not about blaming yourself or feeling guilty. It’s about discovering alternatives that can bring you peace.”