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A Formula For Growth

It’s wonderful to be pampered during the rest phases of life.

There Are Two Alternating Phases to Life

The rest phase.

And the growth phase.

The rest phase is delightful. We get to reap the fruits of our labor during the rest phase. We get to spend and enjoy. Who doesn’t love this most popular phase of life?

The Growth Phase Is Also Exciting

This phase sometimes gets overlooked, or a little rushed, when we have our sights on the upcoming rest phase ahead.

It also has a bad reputation of being “hard.”

This is where we stretch our boundaries. Where we face our ignorance, incompetence, and shortcomings. This is when our buttons get pushed. But this is exactly when we grow (if we’re open to it).

The Work of Byron Katie is a Wonderful Companion to the Growth Phase of Life

Whenever you want to grow, whenever you are faced with your own confusion about how to move forward, The Work can be a catalyst for your growth.

To my mind, there’s no better combination that a button-pushing situation and The Work. Why? Because The Work of Byron Katie helps you find your way when you’re not clear.

Problems and a way to work through them are a match made in heaven for those who are interested in stretching and growing.

Join us for a Virtual Retreat and experience this process yourself.

“Heaven: ‘This is wonderful. I could stay here forever.’ Hell: ‘This is not quite perfect.'” — Byron Katie, I Need Your Love, Is That True?