Download all 2019 “Open Session” Recordings

Every week we meet online for an “Open Session.”

Listen to The Work

A great way to become more familiar with The Work is to listen to others doing it. When I first started doing The Work in 2007 I used to listen frequently to recordings. I used to drive around in my car photographing and listening to The Work.

For me, this was an easy way of absorbing information, and I learned a lot. Listening showed me how flexible The Work can be, and how it can deal with an endless string of challenging topics.

If you would like to deepen your work, listening can be a great addition to your practice.

This Is Why I Offer an “Open Session” Every Week

Every week, on different days and at different times, I offer a free, 30-minute Open Session. During this time, I am available to facilitate anyone who would like to do The Work, or to answer any questions about The Work.

I have no agenda other than to be available, so you never know where each session will go. We have covered a broad range of topics from health, to money, to addictions, to relationships, and much, much more.

I have been offering Open Sessions since 2016, and each session is recorded. If you sign up to get weekly reminders for Open Sessions, you can download all of the previous year’s recordings (currently the 2019 recordings).

Download the 2019 Recordings ​

That’s a total of 47 half-hour sessions (23.5 hours). You can download them all now.

You can download the 2019 recordings when you sign up for Open Session reminders here.

Have a great week,