Access the 2018 Open Session Recordings

​The 2018 Open Session ​Recordings ​Are ​Now ​Available

If you're like me, listening to The Work can be a powerful way to experience it. ​

When I was a nature photographer driving around in my car looking for photo opportunities, I used to play recordings of Byron Katie doing The Work with people​. In fact, I bet ​I was listening to one of those recordings on the drive to and from photographing the irises above. 

The value of listening to The Work for me is that I get to witness different minds answering the questions. The questions are always the same, but the answers people come up with are often surprising. I learn a lot this way. And I get new ideas of places I could look for answers ​when doing The Work on own work.

​I also discover that I have many similar stressful thoughts, and it gives me ideas of worksheets I can write on my own.

​Open Sessions Are Even Better When You Attend ​Them Live

​Every week, we meet online (Zoom webinar) for 30 minutes to do The Work. I call these webinars Open Sessions. There is no curriculum. Just bring a stressful thought to question, and I'll facilitate. I also answer any questions about The Work.

If you can ​attend these webinars, which occur on different days and at different times each week, then you get the benefit of being there live. You can do The Work ​with me, or ask questions when they come up for you. ​​It's like being​ in the same room together.

But if you can't make it, I also send out audio recordings​.

​How to Get Open Session Recordings

​To get the 2018 Open Session audio recordings, simply sign up for my weekly reminders ​for Open Sessions. ​

Every Sunday, you'll get an email with a link to sign up for that week's live Open Session. If the time works for you, you can sign up to participate that week.

​If you can't make it that week, ​as long as you are getting the Open Session reminder emails, you'll automatically get a copy of that week's recording whether you were able to attend or not. 

In addition, when you sign up for Open Session reminder emails, you'll get access to all of the Open Session recordings from 2018 (forty-eight recordings in total - approx. 30 min. each)

​An Easy Way to Keep The Work Alive in Your Life

​Thirty minutes of The Work every week can keep ​inquiry very much alive ​in your life

​Join us for Open Sessions when you can, and listen to the recordings when you can't. We covered a lot of ground in 2018. I'd love for you to ​benefit from ​everything we did.

​Sign up here to start getting Open Session reminders.

Have a great week,

​“People ask me, “How can you listen to all these problems, day after day, year after year? Doesn’t it drain your energy?” Well, it doesn’t. I’ve questioned my stressful thoughts, and I’ve seen that every single one of them is untrue. Every thought that used to look like a poisonous snake is actually a rope. I could stand over that rope for a thousand years, and never be fright​ened of it again. I see clearly what some people don’t yet see for themselves. Everyone in the world might come upon that rope and run screaming the other way, and I wouldn’t be afraid for them, feel sorry for them, or worry about them at all, because I realize that they’re not in danger, they’re absolutely not in harm’s way. As they cry snake, I see only rope." Byron Katie​, A Thousand Names for Joy.​